The Swan-song of the Church

Yes, the Church lost its power some time ago. Martin Luther King wrote about it in his “Letter From the Birmingham Jail.” What little power there is left can barely save the ones who “Profess” to be Christians. It’s been like 20 years since the Baptist Church did a pew survey and found that only like 50% of the folks sitting in church on any Sunday were actually saved. I’m afraid that number has likely gone down. We have been attacked, but not from without, from within. The forces of evil have gathered amongst us, and eroded our resolve by distracting us with Consumerism, with pleasure, with appeals to our pride, with arrogance and over-confidence. We were strangled by Demons in the form of Radical Feminism, and “Choice” and “Women’s Rights.”

The Church abdicated its authority and responsibility to the State, and let the Legal system determine the fate of 56M unborn babies. We let them legislate us into a place of irrelevance by threatening to take away our “Tax-exempt” status. In essence, the Church bowed to money rather than to God, we chose to serve men instead of Jesus Christ our Savior and our King. What will He say when He comes back? It’s not going to be very pretty for most Church leaders. Those of us who aren’t leaders but who should be, well, we may suffer the same fate. We were left in charge to guard the good faith that was entrusted to us. Somehow or other, we let service to man get more important than service to God.

It really means that we must get more involved. As Chuck Colson always said: “The church must be involved in creating culture!” That is our first duty: To the LOST. Instead, we became like “Clubs” for the “Elect” – a place to hang out and socialize and pat each other on the back for knowing the truth and being saved while all those “Suckers” out there slaved away at whatever it was they were doing. And what they were doing was fomenting their hate for us, hardening their resolve to be rid of us once for all.

Yep. We, the Church, we’re guilty all right. Just like the title of the famous book about Pearl Harbor (At Dawn We Slept), we too have been asleep. We have been derelict in our duty.

Is it too late? Hardly. Look at what happened in Rome. Things were grim, Christians were persecuted. Christians were killed, they were fed to lions, burned as “Candles” for Nero’s pleasure. It’s even quite likely that Nero himself started the fires that consumed Rome in order to drive the Christians out. The truth of Jesus Christ couldn’t be extinguished then, and it won’t be now. The only real question is will we each of us, be able to stand up to what’s coming? It always comes down to that question – ultimately. Things got bad in NAZI Germany, and the Christians caved in there. Those who didn’t, well, they went to Concentration Camps just like the Jews. Many were killed, many died of starvation and exposure, and various diseases. Is that what “Man” will do to us for our faith in Jesus?

The only thing certain at this moment is that the future is very uncertain. Only the solid rock of Jesus Christ is real, and trustworthy.

But, as I keep telling folks: Trust Jesus, buy a gun.

At this point, it seems likely that we’re facing that kind of dilemma.

God bless you and keep you safe.


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