Assault Weapons – Ban Them?

Here is a link to an article that proves the Assault Weapon that Adam Lanza had at Sandy Hook Elementary was not used to kill anybody:

My initial reaction to that article is the following:

Assault Rifle not used at Sandy Hook Elementary! The significance of this is that the Government wants to ban these guns while most shootings (including Sandy Hook) are carried out with handguns. Their hypocrisy is just astounding!

After a friend wrote a response, I came up with the following:

We do indeed have a problem when a system proposes to keep people from hitting themselves in the thumb with a hammer thinks that we should ban hammers. Guns, of course, are not hammers, but they are relatively simple machines all the same. My greatest example today is still the city of Chicago, where they have some of the strictest gun laws in the nation, and they had what, 5 murders in ONE day – in the middle of Winter (this past Saturday)!

Laws do nothing to prevent murders – that’s the bottom line. We have so many laws on the books, we can’t even count them anymore. I heard that nationwide, we had about 40K new laws last year alone. It’s ridiculous, they are self-justifying themselves by legislating everything from requiring safety belts and helmets to the content of your dog’s food. It is simply astounding how complex our lawmakers have gotten things. We must believe that the legal system exists only to support those who live and work inside of it.

There is no accountability or even sanity in the system any longer. It exists, to exploit those at the bottom and to make money off of them. Otherwise why would we have legalized loan sharks in our country now? The advent of the “Payday Loan” businesses over the past 10-15 years is incredible. They have now pretty much surpassed banks and other lending institutions in the inner cities, exploiting the poor, and taking away what little dignity they have left, promising “Easy cash.”

But at what price? How did these places get so prolific when they charge 100-150% and sometimes 200% interest per year on the poor of our inner cities? They don’t get so successful without collusion from the highest levels. The corruption and conspiracy it takes to make those loan sharks thrive is incredible. I heard that a couple years back, a Mayor was elected in Hawthorne, CA on a platform that he would make sure there were more “Payday Loan” establishments on Hawthorne Blvd. That alone got him elected!

How can this be unless we have an entire population of folks who are so blind and ignorant that they don’t understand that giving their hard-earned interest to these folks is actually making them poorer! And we wonder why so many folks go crazy in our society? When we have a whole institution that deludes folks into thinking they are getting “Easy” money when in fact they are being RIPPED OFF? It’s insanity I tell you. But folks like our President and his cronies love these inner-city establishments, and they tout the success of these businesses for the poor, to “Help” them.

The Lottery is exactly the same thing: A Poor People’s tax. I tell you, rich folks have no need of the Lottery, they don’t play. Why would they? The poor people spend the rent money and the milk money to buy Lottery tickets and the “Dream” of a better life. The idea that you can get something for nothing is a LIE! Folks hear nothing but lies and deceit all day long on the radio and TV, and we wonder why they’re crazy?

Even our “News” these days is pretty much a bunch of Baloney Sauce. They only broadcast what they think is “Acceptable” news. They don’t comment on pro-life rallies in Washington DC or Christians holding prayer vigils for troops, or for our nation. They don’t print the fact that an Iranian American Pastor was recently jailed – for 8 years – for spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He was arrested illegally, he was tried illegally, he was imprisoned illegally, and now he’ll probably die in some Iranian toilet that they call a prison (we would call it Hell if we knew what it was really like in there).

Gee, am I ranting? I guess…

We live in a society that is totally upside down. Folks are more apt to believe that wrong is good than they are to believe that loving each other is a good thing. Look at TV, a person says a cuss-word on stage and gets tons of laughter. If he mentions Jesus Christ, he would get booed. Is there any doubt in your mind that we have passed into the realm of being a corrupt society from the top down?

Folks who legally own guns want guns to insure their own safety, not because they want to do anything bad with them. The whole world is going crazy, is it any wonder we want to protect ourselves? Call the Police, yeah, that is a joke. They may get there in 2-3 or 4 minutes, but by then, you’re dead, and your attackers have fled your home carrying off your possessions and your sense of security and safety. Meet them with a gun when they come in, they won’t come back!

I, for one, living in the craziest town on this earth, don’t intend to be scared. Los Angeles is just too full of weirdos for me, and I’ve seen first-hand what happens when all hell breaks loose in this town. Watt’s Riots, Rodney King Riots, insanity on a massive scale. During the Rodney King riots, there were parts of Long Beach where the inner-city folks were shooting firemen off the back of fire-trucks. That’s not only insane, it’s EVIL. They won’t scare me, that’s all I can say. They can kill me, but they won’t scare me.


One thought on “Assault Weapons – Ban Them?

  1. So one of the good arguments I’ve heard recently about arming teachers is that we protect our elected officials, we protect banks, we protect the President’s children, why can’t we protect our own children with guns? Obviously, Cheryl and I don’t have any small children any longer, but I think the argument is sound. A State Senator from San Bernardino made that argument the other morning, he’s proposed legislation to allow teachers to carry concealed weapons. A school would no longer be a “Totally” gun-free zone, rather it would be gun free for everyone except teachers who have a Concealed Carry permit. Logically, we guard banks (money) with guns, are our children any less valuable? Those who say no, are the same who think abortion is OK because they devalue human life and don’t think that young children are worth protecting, while older more “Accomplished” (or whatever) people are. All life is worth protecting. As we can see, all we’ve done by making schools “Gun free” is giving criminals an easy place to go in and shoot up without fear of anyone shooting back!

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