Is Abortion Murder?

We are of course, barely 40 years from the day when the momentous decision by our Supreme Court was made that ruled women could get an abortion “on demand” for any reason at all. No longer did there need to be “Medical” reason, but rather a mother could simply walk into a clinic and say “I want to terminate my pregnancy.”

We have mistakenly called that “Choice” or “Women’s Rights” when in fact it is murder. Why am I so sure you ask?

First, to those of us who believe the Bible, there is no doubt that life begins at conception, even before that if you read the Bible and believe that the Lord chose us before the foundation of the World (Ephesians 1:4, my paraphrase).

Second, it’s not really a question of whether the baby is “Living” or not either, since we know that Science these days is playing fast and loose with that definition trying to prove “Life” on some alien world. From that standpoint, obviously the fertilized egg and sperm represent “Life” from the very moment of conception.

Third, what the pro-death folks (yes, I don’t like to say pro-choice, since that’s a misrepresentation and a lie) would have us argue over is some mythical notion of “Viability” – whether or not the baby is “Viable” outside the womb, or could possibly live on its own. Well, there are very few mammalian species that can do anything right after birth, with the exception of many of the larger quadripeds – they can walk and in fact run in many cases within 24hrs of birth (horses, deer, buffalo, etc…).

Viability, as soon as they begin to argue from that standpoint immediately takes you into the realm of “Reason” when in fact there is no reason involved in this debate at all. A life is a life is a life – PERIOD. A living organism (life) normally has very strict definitions in the world of Biology – of SCIENCE – and they cannot skirt that issue if they wish to argue this with ME!

A baby is ALIVE – from the moment of conception since it carries out all the functions of a living organism, namely taking in nutrients and expelling waste, as well as growing and adapting to its environment. That is clearly enough in anybody’s book to say it is ALIVE! Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise – EVER – because it’s a lie – according to SCIENCE!

And lastly, I would like to also mention that when they try to tell you that your “Religion” doesn’t matter and is not relevant to the discussion, that is also a lie. God is the basis of all morality in our society. If we humans try to become our own basis for morality, or claim that the “Universe” somehow imparts morality, we are back on the grounds of Humanism and Secularism, and there is no basis for morality there at all. Atheists and Secularists will argue that they can come up with some silly notions that there is a human basis for law and morality (without God), but it’s all poppycock, and simply boils down to whomever has the biggest stick wins the argument.

They will try to tell you that “Nature” has laws, and therefore those laws can be used as the basis for morality. E.g., Survival of the Fittest and so on, which again, is simply poppycock, since then they are worshiping the creation rather than the creator (Romans 1) and have nullified their own arguments. The creation points to a creator, all that exists points to a designer (the information encoder – the one who created DNA), and a divine moral agent (God). He alone can dictate what constitutes good, and therefore also what is wrong.

If you can get yourself to that point in the argument, then you are not far from pointing them to the fact that taking a human life – any human life no matter at what developmental stage that life exists – is murder. The Judeo-Christian God (The God of all creation) gave us the Law, and made us capable of understanding it and living according to it. At least we will be held responsible for it when we are judged by Him.

The Bible is the only basis for morality that exists – that tells the true story of man’s relationship with God. God created us – with the capacity for choice (the ability to sin). He did so simply because creating automatons that worship you – without choice – is very dull and boring, they cannot really worship since they cannot choose to do so. Angels, apparently, were also created with some amount of choice, but they are spiritual beings, not physical as in our Universe. They do have some capacity to serve God in our Universe, but that ability is limited. We, on the other hand, can and do serve God by our own choice. With that choice, we can choose for good, or for evil.

Evil is simply choosing to do our own thing (sinning), and ignoring God. If we let Him be in control of our lives, if we surrender our will to His, then we are doing good. If we assert our will and rebel against God and his guidance for our lives, then we are acting evil and committing sin against Him. Ultimately, all sin is against God, since it always comes down to a choice of whether we follow His will or our own.

Does one need to prove the existence of God in order to understand all that? Of course not, even Atheists understand all this, they just don’t want to believe it. They may claim it’s all nonsense, but in reality, it is the central question of all of life: “Who’s in charge here?” The other questions that are crucial to life flow from it: “How did I get here? Where did I come from? Do I have a purpose? Where do I go when I die? Does history matter?”

All of these have sensible answers with a God on the throne of the Universe. With no God, there is only chaos, and no satisfactory answer for any of those questions. So, is God a reasonable argument to bring into the Abortion debate? Absolutely YES! He matters, and because He matters, we matter too! And even an unborn child matters, at least as much as you and me, and maybe even more so in God’s eyes. We are all precious in His sight. He is not willing that any should perish, He gives us grace, so we can pass that grace along to others and let them know the difference between right and wrong.

Abortion is wrong because it is murder.

But also in God’s eyes, abortion is sin, and can be forgiven. God forgave us so we should forgive others. We should forgive those who perform abortions too, and those who work in the abortion industry: The Planned Parenthood workers. After, all, we too once were blinded by the “God of this age” who tries to keep us ignorant and thinking there is no God. With prayer and repentance, we can reach those who are most responsible and help turn their hearts back to a loving and forgiving God.


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