Went out on our sailboat yesterday to see the whales. Saturday they were in real close, like 1/2 mile outside the harbor! Yeah – KING Harbor! So we went out hoping to find them close, no such luck. Depends on the krill I think, and that depends on the currents. They were out farther. We found ’em, but we went quite a ways out, like 5-6 miles. I think it was past 6 actually, but we saw quite a few. We were close enough that when one of them came up to breathe – Cheryl heard him do the big blow! One other gal who was with us heard it too, one of our Church family friends. There were 4 of us, so it was pretty cool. I figured at first they were Gray Whales, those being the most common out there, but I replayed it in my mind last night and realized they were Blue Whales! One was just HUGE! They were definitely feeding, staying down 10 minutes at a time, but they were not deep diving, you know where you see their flukes? Really special.

The only tough parts of the day were I couldn’t get our sail up (all the way) and I overshot the landing when coming back in, almost rammed the dock (close). I hit reverse at the last second and then gave it some throttle, then tried to shift into neutral and overshot that too, and hit forward. I must have throttled down and gotten it back out of forward because it was in neutral when I got back to it (10-15 minutes later). I had to jump over Cheryl and onto the dock. Fortunately my neighbor was there from the boat next to us and he caught the bow as the boat started to swing inside the slip. I caught the starboard side, left my dinghy on the dock though and couldn’t get around it. Takes awhile to get used to these things again. I let out a pretty loud epithet as I leaped over Cheryl too. =( Oh well… It was still quite an amazing day overall!

I got my mainsail off (that’s one of my next projects) to get to the sail-maker for repairs. I noticed a small rip last time it was up (it went up all the way last time) so I gotta get that repaired. Don’t want let that go and get bigger. Now it’s time to try to figure out why the sail wouldn’t go all the way up the track again? We diagnosed it last year and replaced the halyard, it was either stretched inside the sheath, or the sheath was worn out, either required replacement. So now I guess there must be a spot on the track where it’s difficult to get the sail through. I have a ladder to get up there, looks like I’m going up again!

We praised the Lord for his wonderful creation and we thanked him for the chance to get to see it! Marvelous, simply awesome!


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