Latest Rant

No other words to describe this.  Yesterday I ranted on the Los Angeles Tea Party Facebook page:

Hey all – I just don’t even know what to say anymore. I know we were all so disappointed and disgusted with the election, that many are still recovering from the shock. But, we’ve got to get back in this fight! One way or another, we now effectively have let a dictator come to power in this country. We have a leader who’s trashed our Constitution, spent up the money from my children’s children, and he’s shoved healthcare “Reform” (Socialized Medicine) down our throats without even most of us wanting it!


I don’t know quite what to do either. I’m asking that we all try to come up with ways to “Passively resist” the intrusions of this Socialist dictator that we now have in power. I know you all feel the same, and we’re fed up! We must find ways to do more than just talk and gripe about things! If all we do is gripe, then we’re no better than they are.

I tell you the truth – the dictator now in power in our country always did have just that one thing in mind: To TAKE OVER our country completely and RUIN it! He’s nearly there. Those of you who are praying minded folks should pray – it’s about our only recourse we have left. I know a couple other things though too: I won’t be forced to pay for healthcare, and I won’t give up my guns. I also won’t stop praying in Jesus’ name, and I won’t ever agree that all “Religions” are the same. Tolerance to me is accepting the idea that folks are free to believe whatever they want – it doesn’t make their beliefs equal to mine – and it sure as HECK doesn’t mean that I won’t try to convince them that Jesus Christ is the Son of God!

Whoa, now I am getting carried away. I’m just saying, we have to do something. I’ve signed dozens of petitions, joined lots of organizations, nothing seems to be able to stop this guy. I’m at a loss as to what to do. He’s fooled so many people, just as badly as Adolph Hitler fooled the German people. There aren’t many of us left who can say this guy is bad news and really mean it. How are we gonna stop him from ruining our country in the next 4 years? We’re already pretty well sunk, in these next 4 years, I shudder to think what will happen…


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