Celebrity Weigh Ins

An Atheist organization declares Jesus a “Myth.”  CNN’s Piers Morgan says that he thinks the Bible is “Flawed.”  So why is it that billions of folks through history have found otherwise?  Can the testimony of those countless humans be wrong?  Or could they somehow be deluded?  I’m going to give you my take, my personal “Weigh in.”

First, what is the Bible?  The Bible is a collection of 66 books, 39 in the Old Testament and 27 in the New Testament.  There is some disagreement on that in fact, since the Catholic and Orthodox Bibles include a few “Extra” books that were considered not “Inspired” by certain folks including Martin Luther.  Second, who wrote the Bible?  Obviously, with that many books, and being spread out in both the New and Old Testaments, there must have been many and various authors.  I think we all of us humans can agree on that, it’s clear from many evidences that the Bible is not just some crazy set of lunatic writings like the Qur’an or the Book of Mormon, written by a single person in response to so-called “Revelation.”

What makes the Bible unique in terms of authorship, then, is the fact that we believe God actually wrote it, through all those various human authors.  We don’t just believe that mind you, the Bible says it in many places, and thus, its authorship is beyond contesting.  At least for us Christians it is beyond arguing.  As soon as you decide that you know more than the authors of the Bible and you begin to claim that parts or all of it are not “God’s Word” then you set yourself up in the place of God, passing judgement on what is (and is not) from God.  Obviously, a Christian would never do that, not one who really believes that God wrote the Bible.

From the first moment that I became a believer in Jesus Christ, I realized that I also believed the entire Bible.  The Bible then is not just a fairy tale, or set of stories woven together to paint a picture.  The Bible is God’s letter to humanity, written down so that we would know He cares for us!  After all, He created us, and all that is in this Universe.  You don’t have to be a Christian to believe that!  All you have to do is look around and see the beauty in complexity that exists in all of nature and you begin to realize that all this beauty, all this symmetry, all this “Order” could never have come from chaos or somehow “Evolved” on its own.

So, the Bible is more than just a book, or a set of stories, or even God’s letter.  The Bible is unique in that it tells us what we need to know in order to be saved.   The Bible is salvation, or at least it contains the truths necessary for faith in order to be saved by God from Hell and for Eternal Life with Him in Paradise (or Heaven).  God sent His son Jesus to rescue us from ourselves, and when you believe in Jesus, you see Him in almost every chapter and in fact every page of the Bible!

We have lots of celebrities weighing in on various things these past few years.  Some people claim that our current President is some kind of “Savior.”  I don’t believe that for an instant.  I believe, that he and his cronies, they’re out to destroy America plain and simple.  What’s the quickest way to reduce America’s influence in the world and to destabilize things such that America can no longer prevent the spread of humanism and Marxism and Islam?  Especially Islam?

What folks don’t realize is that Satan is real too.   The Bible tells us that he is real and that he prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.  Satan is out to get humans, as many as he can.  He knows he’s doomed to Hell, and he is not satisfied to be there alone apparently.   He set out to ruin us in the Garden of Eden and he’s still at it, pulling the same tricks with the same strategy as he did back then.  His tricks are to tell you a few truths so he can slip in a single lie.  If he can get you to believe one, then he’ll get you another and another until you are ruined.  Then, his strategy is clever:  Divide and conquer.  It’s so ubiquitous that we use it in Computer Science.  We most of us use it every single day and don’t even realize it.

Networks are built on the principle of “Divide and conquer.”  You obviously cannot string cables between every single node on a network, you wind up with zillions of wires running everywhere (when the telephone first came out, they tried stringing wires that way)!  So, what you do is tie several machines to a central point, and then tie that point in with other points and you have your network.  This divides the load, and the number of wires by a factor of how many points can be tied together into a single “Control” point.  We call those controllers switches, or routers, or something convenient, but you get the idea.

Anyhow, Satan uses this same strategy.  He infects the minds of strong-willed influential people who then infect the minds of many lesser folks such as us.  Those who are easily swayed by those strong-willed people will be easily led astray in their thinking and in their beliefs.  I am a firm believer in the idea that:  You are what you eat.  But from that, it follows that you are also what you read, what you watch, what you listen to and so on.  Everything you put into yourself influences your thinking and your beliefs!  Beliefs are the core of who we are.  At our very core, many of us have wrong beliefs.

What we believe influences what we think, how we view the world, and how we discern “Truth” around us.  If we have wrong beliefs, then all we see and perceive is skewed by that wrong belief.  This is why I told you at the beginning of this article that the day I became a believer in Jesus I also became a believer in the Bible.  The two things are inextricably tied together!  You cannot believe in one and not the other – it’s just impossible.  Many folks therefore say they are “Christians” and then go on to tell you that the Bible is hogwash.  Well, I’m here to tell you that those people are not Christians, any more than my standing in the garage and calling myself a Cadillac makes me a car!

So, what my purpose for writing this article today will be depends on your belief, or lack thereof.  If you set out to find fault in another stupid Christian who believes a bunch of fairy tales, then you’ve succeeded.  If, however, you came here to find an answer to one of life’s profound mysteries, then maybe, just maybe, you found it!  I’m here to tell you that I spend my days on the Internet, and it’s a pretty hopeless place.  There are millions of folks out there who don’t have a clue.  There are millions more who have already been totally corrupted and have the desire to corrupt others.  Since, you remember, once Satan gets you to believe lies, then he will have you (in turn) get others to believe those same lies.

Influence.  That’s what it’s all about.  That’s why a celebrity weighing in on something only makes me sick.  They think that because of their “Celebrity” status or something that their opinion matters more than mine.  I don’t care!  Only God’s Word matters to me when it comes to opinions.  Only truth, real truth matters when it comes to me.  What they think, what they want to say is meaningless drivel if they don’t filter it through the truth of God’s Words.

Many people will tell you that God is not real.  They will say that Jesus is a myth.  They will say the Bible is a bunch of gobble-dy-gook that makes no sense in light of modern “Science.”  Or something like that.  I have no idea what they say about the Bible anymore, because I simply don’t care what they say!  But, I am here to tell you that the Bible is more accurate, more true, more meaningful than any so-called “Book” or other prophecy anywhere else out there in the entire Universe.  The Bible has never been proved wrong.  Christians and others have been proved wrong many times, but that’s because our interpretation of what we read in the Bible is based on flawed understanding, or bad frames of reference.  The more we learn, the better we can interpret what we read in the Bible.  It’s as if Jesus is slowly enabling us to understand more and more of it in light of modern “Discoveries” and someday we may understand it pretty well.

For now, I’m satisfied that I will understand it perfectly – when I get to Heaven.  Those “Celebrities” out there who poo poo the Bible or Jesus Christ have obviously not been “Saved.”  There is nothing redeeming in any of them.  Redemption is the only story I’m interested in.  It’s the only story worth writing about.  It’s what the Bible is about.  It’s my story, and it can be yours too.  All you have to do is what I did, stop scoffing, and get on your knees.  Make a choice today to believe.  Do it, before it’s too late.  None of us knows how much time we have on this earth.  Nobody knows either when Jesus is coming back.  He is coming back though.  Will you be ready?


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