Merry Christmas Everyone!

After Columbine, Darrell Scott (father of Rachel Scott who was killed in the shooting there at the High School in 1999) visited our church and spoke to the men.  I will never forget how he told us about growing up in a rural town.  He said that he and his buddies took their guns to school every day and put them in their lockers.  After school, they would go out and beat the crap out of each other because that’s what boys do, they fight and wrestle and have fun.  But, he said, they never ever dreamed of taking their guns and shooting one another – that was just beyond their way of thinking!  The fact that they never even thought about it is what struck me.

How far have we sunk, how desperately wicked has our society become that folks actually pick up a gun and go out to kill – children – like they could have done something to deserve that?  But again I remind people, the guns are not at fault here.  We’ve let evil become so pervasive in our society that we forget that in reality we need each other.  We must love one another, and share Jesus’ message of truth and hope.  The only real hope that’s ever come along to our world in roughly 5,000 years of recorded history, and unknown amounts of time prior to that is Jesus’ message of redemption and salvation.

The real meaning of Christmas is that Jesus came, and became one of us.  He had to in order to communicate the essential truth to us that, left to ourselves, we will make a mess of things.  We are desperately wicked, and beyond redeeming.  But still, HE came!  He brought us peace, and a message that even the Jewish leaders of that time did not understand.  He brought the message to a bunch of fishermen, and He used an amazing man named Paul, whom he converted on the “Road to Damascus.”

Paul was Hell bent on destruction of the new Church, but was shown mercy because the Lord desired to use him to bring the message to the “Gentiles.”  Paul then becomes the model for many of us.  Though he was not deserving of mercy the Lord showed him not only mercy but amazing grace.  We are saved – not because we deserve it – but because the Lord desires to have a relationship with us.  He wants to know us!  That is just the most amazing thing of all to me, is He actually saved me – a sinful man.

If He saved me, He can save you too.  He came for us all.

Merry Christmas everyone!  God bless you all.


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