Jesus – the REASON For the Season!

I have to go with our friend Craig Huey on the tragedy in Connecticut too:

“The truth is: The real source of this tragedy is evil caused by a lack of a moral code found only in God’s Word. It’s what happens when a society rejects and seeks to abolish this morality in school and private affairs.

“According to the world, answering the “where is God?” question is through government programs

and religious/psychological theories. It’s not God’s love, grace, mercy, joy, peace and hope that come from the true and living God.”

Craig also said also that he believes it wasn’t guns, it wasn’t mental illness, it wasn’t any of those other things. Those are all just symptoms of a world trying to make it without God. The simple answer to the question: “Where is God?” when these things happen is that He is still here, but we are the ones who have turned our backs on Him! The more complex answer is that we are doing just what the Hebrews did in the Old Testament, turning our backs on God, and serving other idols and gods that are not really gods at all.

Yes, many Pastors have already said we are under judgement for abortion, for our lack of worship of the true God and His Son Jesus. Now, in an attempt that one can only liken to “Wishful thinking” an Atheist group has declared Jesus a “Myth.” I can only say: May God have mercy on them, the fools don’t even know what they are doing. I’ve tried arguing with many Atheists, I have written many blog articles on the reasons we can believe the Gospel. It’s really so simple, it’s as plain as the nose on your face as Josh McDowell always says.

I pray only that anyone who reads this will realize that Jesus is unique in all the world, in fact the Universe. He is God, and He can be trusted to lead us not into temptation. He can be trusted to provide for us our daily bread (meet all our needs). He is gentle, like a lamb, but He will come again and this time as Conqueror taking His rightful place as ruler of this world. I know I am not worthy of the grace He showed me when He called my name and saved me. We will never be “Good enough.” He simply says “Follow me” and we seek to become His followers. That’s why I am a Jesus Freak, and that’s why I look at the rest of the world through different eyes today than I did some 18 or so years ago.

He saved me from drugs and alcohol and gave me an incredible gift of relieving me of the compulsion to do drugs and behave in self-destructive behavior. Twelve years later I was privileged to meet this Creator God of the Universe. Jesus is alive and He is eager to meet you too!

It’s pretty incredible to me, but Craig Huey said something else about the tragedy in Connecticut: He said their response was to “Cancel Christmas.” Good Heaven’s NO! I say, our enemy the Devil prowls around seeking whom he may devour. He just devoured an entire community at one blow. If we let him steal our joy, then Satan has won. Jesus is our joy, He is our hope, our victory, our shield,

our rock, our salvation, he is our leader who will lead us also to ultimate victory over sin and death! We will live forever with Him in Heaven, if we can just see past the pain and suffering of this world.

But instead, the people in Newtown were duped by some “Interfaith Council” to believe that somehow Christmas would be wrong to have in light of this tragedy. It’s because of the TRAGEDIES like this that Jesus came! Hallelujah! Don’t get it wrong people! God is still the same as He was 2,000 years ago in Bethlehem. He is still that same tiny bundle of joy, gentle and humble and born in a barn.

But make no mistake about it: When Jesus returns the second time, those who do not believe will be judged. Actually, we all will be judged. The only difference is that us believers will be judged on the basis of whether we were good followers, that will determine the “Crowns” we wear in Heaven. That part is a bit sketchy to me, I only know He is coming back, and as it says in Revelation “I am coming soon!”


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