Welcome To Prius-Ville

Welcome to “Prius-ville.” I live in a town where the average (or well above average “affluent” citizen) thinks they are saving the world by owning and driving a Prius. To me, hybrids are the silliest idea on the planet. They are what I call “A high-tech solution to a low-tech problem.” Not to offend anybody out there who drives one, but do you realize how much pollution it causes to mine and build those Li-ion batteries in those things? Not to mention the fact that if you go “All the way” and buy a Chevy Volt, you are just exchanging Coal for Oil. At some point, it takes ENERGY to power your auto.

The only solution: Drive less, or carpool. Buses are the most efficient means of transport in terms of dollar / passenger / mile. But, most folks who can afford not to, prefer not to ride the bus because it takes roughly double the amount of time to get anywhere on a bus as it does in a car. Granted, cars then average about 10x higher in fuel and overall costs to get anywhere, but our society has deemed it important to have the “Freedom” to drive anywhere anytime and at any cost to get there since our time is more important than the cost.

What does this mean to me personally? When gasoline hit $3/gal. a few years back, I did several things:

1. bought a E-85 vehicle since Ethanol is a “Renewable” fuel and we can make it from cellulose or just about any organic compound;

2. bought a motorcycle and get over 40mpg cruising around, and bought a second motorcycle for my wife that gets over 80mpg. Europe went the way of Scooters and bikes some time ago, but Americans in their blindness have deemed it necessary to have over a ton of sheet-metal around them to “Protect” them.

Face it, the reason we need protection is because we’re in such a bloody hurry in the first place, and that’s because we’re always trying to do too much, because we think we’re gonna miss out on something if we don’t hurry up and get somewhere! SLOW DOWN people – you’re not gonna get more life by hurrying anywhere! You don’t “Get more enjoyment out of life” just because you do more. If anything, trying to do too much causes stress, and that will kill you. Slow down, drive less, enjoy life more. That’s the bottom line for us in our family.


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