Gun Control

Some fool of a Professional Football player has a bad breakup with his girlfriend so he shoots her and then kills himself.  Is the gun at fault?  The guy who wrote the piece that Bob Costas quoted on NBC says “If he didn’t have a gun, he’d still be here today.”  Maybe.  How can he know?  All we do know is over 67M gun owners last week did nothing at all illegal with any of their guns.  Holding the masses guilty for the actions of a few foolish people is the same as “Punishing the innocent to protect the guilty.”  It protects the guilty by saying that it was the “Gun’s fault” somehow (can you say “Twinkie defense?”).  It’s just another pathetic attempt to undermine our freedom and our liberty in this country.

You all should think twice about these types of things, especially when you watch sports on liberal networks like NBC.

If you need an analogy to convince yourself, then take this:  How many folks died last week in auto wrecks?  Is it the fault of the car they were driving?  How many folks drove perfectly safely last week, and had no mishaps at all?  Should we hold all of them guilty for those who died and take away their cars?  Do you see how insane it is to think that way?

The article on FOXNews that I just read:

These “Newscasters” (Sportscasters) abuse their position by advocating radical agendas on the public airwaves.  I am writing NBC to express my outrage.


3 thoughts on “Gun Control

  1. Bob Costas has a liberty right to express his opinion. Just because he is on television doesn’t mean he loses his right. I know that I place little stock in sportcasters political views, and I imagine few do. As for myself, I do not allow guns to be brought into my house.

    • Of course he has the right, but is it “Responsible” – that is my real question? As far as I am concerned, a sports-caster’s job is to talk about sports. The minute he starts talking about something else, especially politically charged “Issues” then he has crossed the line into being a political commentator. I for one, don’t think he’s qualified nor should he try to foist his uninformed opinions on the public. But, that’s my opinion. =) We have all kinds of Hollywood folks who think they have the “Right” to foist their opinions on the rest of us too, and they’ve managed to screw up our society for the past 50 or so years now. Again, that’s my opinion. If I post my views in a place where folks know it’s my opinion, and that they aren’t being asked to believe it is some sort of “Fact” or that because I’m a “Celebrity” my opinion matters more than anyone else, then I think I’m safe in airing my opinions. Celebrities have abused their power of the media for too long in this country.

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