Legalizing Pot

In response to an Op-ed article on CNN:

I wrote:

The “Decline” of moralism in this country is due to the liberals’ taking charge of our Public Education system more than any other single factor. The liberals started the takeover many years ago, by “Invading” the University and higher education system with their liberal ideals, and secular humanism. They then “Taught” an entire generation of teachers these radical ideas, and gradually changed public policies in the school systems nationwide and this, more than any other factor, has contributed to the decline of so-called “Moralism” in this country.

What the liberals term “Moralism” we on the right see as good and honest and decent behavior, as taught by our “Creator” God. We have every bit as much right to our belief in the public square as do the liberals, even though they have “taken over” the school system and taught that our position is irrelevant. The Bible is far from that, in fact, it is more relevant today than ever before. The fact that the Bible predicts that in latter days a decline in morality, much as in the days of Rome, and that folks would be lovers of pleasure more than followers of Jesus Christ gives me some level of comfort, only for my own salvation though. Still, the most important question is really whether or not Marijuana is some sort of drug or narcotic, and therefore subject to regulation as such. I smoked pot every day for nearly 9 years, and as a direct result, I “graduated” to more powerful drugs. Of course there are many exceptions to the idea that folks will use pot as a “Gateway” drug, but we are surrounded by a selfish and self-centered and “Entitled” population who only want to maximize their sensory inputs.

Are you honestly telling me that we should “Release” pot from its controlled status and cast it about as another of those “Pleasure” at will items and that we will still have anything like a non-anesthetized population out there? I’m telling you that’s a ridiculous idea, and that in no time at all, if you make it “Legal” (as it already is pretty much here in CA and it was in CO before I left there) you will have an addicted population in no time at all. When pot was “Legalized” for medicinal use in CO about 4 years ago, within 6 months there were over 1,000 Medical Marijuana “Dispensaries” in CO – the vast majority in Denver. All of a sudden, the local “Entertainment” rags became filled with dispensary ads, and ads for “Pot Prescriptions.” The Pot Doctors are all over Venice Beach as well now, you can walk up to a “Clinic” and get a Rx for $10, and walk 2 doors down and get yourself a 1/2 oz. and smoke it legally right there on the beach! As in the case of Viagra, what we will be fighting is not whether or not it’s a “Drug” but the whole problem of “Prescription abuse.” All of a sudden, the entire population will suffer debilitating illnesses requiring “Medicinal Pot” and they will get their prescriptions and go about their day completely anesthetized.

Self-medicating is one of the first signs of a mal-adjusted culture, if you don’t believe that then I can sell you a bridge in the desert. All you have to do is open your eyes and realize that healthy people don’t need to medicate themselves all day long, nor do they require “Drugs” for pleasure either. I’ve been 30 years (this year) with no drugs stronger than Advil and Tylenol (I don’t drink either if you were wondering). If you think you need those things to get by, then you are suffering delusions (again, I’m not speaking in ALL cases here, just the vast majority). We have an entire society that is addicted – in the United States we consume roughly 80% of the world’s prescription Opiates! Can you even imagine? It’s an epidemic in pain apparently. I call it a failure of morality. The decline of morality leads directly to a pleasure seeking and addicted society, because without “Real hope” (Jesus Christ) people will turn to whatever false hope makes them “Feel” better.


One thought on “Legalizing Pot

  1. Good article. It’s quite apparent that our country keeps crossing the lines of immorality, and that’s leading to moral decay, but many Americans seem to be increasingly ok with that.

    On the other hand I’m glad to see the good work you’re doing to combat that moral decline, and happy to meet others living for Jesus.

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