Post Election Spinning

The left is convinced they won some sort of “Moral” victory in the election.  They are touting all over the world how their superior ideologies or some such won them this election.  All I can say is what Pastor Zac always says:  “Baloney Sauce!”  All they did was mobilize better, use more scare tactics and cow even more folks to the point where they felt they could not vote for the Conservative candidate.

Case in point, a NY Times article I read yesterday said that “Latinos and Asians don’t mind more government, in fact they like more government.”  Again, I say “Baloney Sauce!”  Just because folks are “Used” to dealing with more government intrusion in their lives, doesn’t mean 1.) that they like it or 2.) that it is good for them.  That same article went on to say that “The Republican Billionaires should not have a problem paying more taxes…”  Here again – they are painting (or trying to paint) things like all billionaires are Republicans which is a BOLD-FACED lie!  In fact, there are more well-known democratic billionaires out there than any others.  Those who are out there had more influence on this campaign than did any “Billionaire Republicans.”

The democratic billionaires who may have had the most impact:  Oprah, George Soros, Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, just to name a few.  Then there’s the “Hollywood Crowd” cooing and fawning over the President like he’s some kind of hero celebrity.  That makes me sick.  They used their power of persuasion (all acting by the way) and wealth to insure another four years of the mess we’ve had, and to insure that our country goes absolutely in the toilet as far as Medical Care is concerned. And the media?  Don’t get me started!  They went all out for that guy!  In fact, he may have been elected on the persuasive power of the left-leaning media alone.  The way they spin things made it absolutely certain he would be elected.

We will suffer another 4 years of bitter partisanship, deeply polarized splits between American ideologies, extremely excessive spending, and taxation that will rival many European “Socialist” nations very soon.  Innovation will suffer, small businesses will stagnate and job growth will never get started in any “Real” way.  Unemployment will remain relatively high by the way since this guy has no clue how to really stimulate the economy or to create jobs.  In fact, it may get worse.

Well, we got what we paid for is all I can say.  The good part is, after another four years of this guy, maybe a few more people will wake up, and perhaps more of the democratic lies will be exposed.  A lot of folks woke up this time around, there were a good percentage of folks voting conservative who voted liberal in the last election (2008).  Many had been enlightened with truth and realized what a monster they created.

My only hope is that our country can stand another 4 years of this guy without being totally ruined.  There is plenty of hope out there, places like China where the Christian Church his growing by leaps and bounds.  There are probably more Christians in China now than there are in America, perhaps double in fact.  And there’s always the fact that the Church grows faster in times of persecution than it does when there is no persecution.  Nobody has ever explained why that is by the way.

The early church was heavily persecuted by Rome.  Christians were tortured and killed in large numbers.  They were fed to the lions for the entertainment of the “People” and they were beheaded, set on fire, and generally abused in any way imaginable.  The Emperor Nero actually set fire to Rome himself in order to try and drive out the Christians.  So, we do have hope.  At this point I can barely imagine how bad it’s going to get and how that will drive people to seek answers in the Church.

The Church had best be ready to accept record numbers of folks coming through the doors!  There’s gonna be an awful lot of unhappy folks in our country in the next 4 years.


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