OK, so maybe I didn’t invent a new word, but it sure seems like that is what’s going on doesn’t it?  From the corrupt MainStream Media (MSM or “LameStream Media” as some Conservatives have taken to calling it)  to the vicious lies coming out in the campaign, and the rhetoric, and the $BILLION$ spent by our Campaigner In Chief, I just find that there is so much corruption going on that we can hardly breathe any longer and not breathe in foul air.  What is going on in America?  Why is everything so negative?  Why do the corrupt politicians do anything, say anything, and think they can get away with it?

Short answer:  It works.

Why does it work?  That’s what’s bothering the HECK out of me!  Why don’t people vote logically, with common sense for candidates who can actually do what they say they can do?  Why are folks swayed by rhetoric and “False hope” instead of thinking things through to realize the answer could never be that simple, and the world won’t end if Conservatives run the country as most liberals like to say.

As I said, the short answer is because it works, that means they can say outrageous lies and promise anything and people are just dumb enough to believe it.  Are we really that dumb – has America sunk that low?  I guess that’s my real question.  The short answer again is “Yes – we are.”  After many years of carefully dismantling and disorganizing the Public Education System in our country, the Federal Government and the liberals have finally achieved what they want:  Sheep.  They have attacked the Public Education System ceaselessly for the past 60-70 years telling people it’s prejudiced, it’s unfair, it’s out of touch, it’s harsh and cruel, and most of all, it just plain doesn’t work.  If you tell a lie often enough, folks will start to believe you.

The attack on the Public Education System has allowed the liberals to quietly and consistently install their agenda in there.  It is, of course, a humanist viewpoint, based on lots and lots of theories, but little fact.  It’s based on the notions of “Self-esteem” and the garbage idea of the past decade that “No child should be left behind.”  Admittedly, some of that crap came out of the conservative camp.  We all make mistakes.  But, even the Conservatives were eventually fooled by the rhetoric into believing that we could just “Legislate success” for our children and somehow it would just magically happen.

As I said, the current agenda is based on humanist ideas and liberal agendas that have no real value when it comes to rearing and teaching young children.  While the system is not a total dismal failure, it certainly does lead to dumbing down our kids.  I am a product of the Public Education System, and while I consider myself to be a moderately successful product of that system, in my own way, I have many failures behind me as well.  But, failures are not what the system would have you think they are,   In fact, my belief is that failures are as integral a part of learning and growing up as are successes, maybe even more so!  My basic example is simple:  You have a race with 10 entrants.  Only 1 can win each race, 9 are going to fail.  If we tell our kids somehow that winning is the only thing then that, certainly is wrong.  But if we switch up the definitions of “Success” and tell them that somehow coming in last is also “Winning” then that’s also wrong!

We must bring folks back to reality and get everyone to agree that failure is not a bad thing.  There may indeed be only a single winner in every race, but not all aspects of life are a race, or a game, or indeed some sort of competition.  Simple skills such as math, and reading, and writing are not emphasized in the classroom anymore.  However, the social notions of radical sexual agendas are prevalent in all mainstream Public Education Systems from one end of this country to the other.  I call that a travesty, that we have let the radical agendas win in this debate, merely because they yell louder than the rest of us and pretend they are so “Prejudiced” against, and that society has somehow infringed on their individual rights by not accepting them as Gay, or Transgender, or black or white or whatever.  I heard a preacher from Virginia say the other day that comparing homosexual relationships to Interracial Marriage is a LIE!  I said good for that Pastor (he is black by the way).  You can watch his video message:

Bishop Jackson’s Message

What we have then is a system that sets our children up for failure, by teaching them that they are all winners. In the church, we call that “False hope.”  Children are not stupid, they know better.  If it’s one thing children do know is that things in life are not fair.  Children may have the best sense of fairness of any general people group on this planet.  They always yell and complain when somebody cuts in line in front of them.  They also will squawk loudly if somebody gets an extra piece of candy or an extra helping of dessert.  They know what’s fair, what’s “Just.”  When we take and try to dumb that down in our education system, we are not only doing them an injustice, we are playing the hypocrite with them, and trying to teach them to be little hypocrites as well.

For many of those children, unfortunately, I believe that the “Schism” this creates in their personalities is too great.  The pressure to rationalize the notion that they know to be true in their heads, that they are “Different” and that they “Don’t fit in” doesn’t harmonize with the “Self-esteem” model of our modern school systems.  The”You all are winners!” model in our current eduction system teaches them only that lies are what life is all about, those that pretend the best are gonna be the real winners.  Thus, we have ever-increasing numbers of teen suicides in our society and no end in sight to the growth of these numbers.

If you lie often enough to people – they will believe you (Joseph Goebbels, Chief of the NAZI Propaganda Ministry).  However, if you lie to children, they seem, somehow to know better, and all you do is turn them off.  Drug use, alcohol abuse, teen pregnancy, addictions to video games, pornography, sex, homosexuality, these are all symptoms of a very mal-adjusted culture, one in which all values have been turned upside down and inside out.  The root cause, to my way of thinking, is a turning away from true morality, into a culture of humanism and humanist values that are relativistic in their nature and hopeless in their outlook.

The symptoms are clear and have been there for some time now.  The reasons, however, have been obfuscated, kept secret if you will, by the liberals since their plan from the beginning was to take over the educational system and substitute their man-centered universal world view on things so that they could one day “Take over” the world with it.  Well, I have news for you, it’s backfiring even now.  They may yell louder than the rest of us and pretend like they are a more vocal and stronger “Majority” than the rest of us but in reality, they are just a bunch of whining fools that we can no longer tolerate.  The pendulum is swinging even now!  The advent of the Tea Party in the past 3 years is perhaps the greatest modern “Awakening” in America that we’ve seen in the past 100 years.

Our path is clear:  We must take back our schools, we must put God in his rightful place in America.  In the end, “A Nation is blessed, whose God is the Lord.” (Psalm 33).  We have to dismantle the rhetoric and the ideology of the left, piece by piece.  The “Humanist” centered arguments come directly out of Marx and his cronies.  Putting man at the center, and insisting that humans are “Basically good” only results in a general dumbing down of the whole population as we are now seeing.  We have created a pit, we have dug ourselves in so deep, it’s not likely we can get out anytime soon.  But, we must try.  We must pray!  We must pray for REVIVAL!

We need God in America – we need Jesus.  The Bible tells us that nobody is “Good enough” but that we all need Jesus finished work of redemption on the Cross at Calvary.  That is the only way to be redeemed.  All other philosophies put man at the center – either for man’s benefit – or for the satisfaction of some capricious and aloof god who could (in reality) care very little about men.  All the new age notions of “Mother earth” worship are what the Bible calls “Worshiping the creation rather than the creator.” (Romans 1)  Those who worship the creation and not the creator will reap the results of their sewing.

Folks, I pray you turn to Jesus and repent (change sides) while there is yet time.  I pray the Holy Spirit opens your eyes (your spiritual eyes) today and that you will see the truth of Jesus Christ – He is God – come in the flesh to save us – from OURSELVES!

End of discussion.


3 thoughts on “Electioneering

  1. The “Proof” is now in: 4/5 people between the ages of 21-29 voted to re-elect the current President. The most corrupt, the most leftist, the most Socialist, the biggest spender, the worst track record for Foreign Policy, is elected because the liberals took over our schools and brain-washed an entire generation.

    But, I also firmly believe that God is in control, and I praise his name. He is the only one who could have possibly hardened the hearts of men so much that we lost all our conservative elections here in CA. We have lost to the liberals who now hold a “Supermajority” in the State Assembly, and we will all reap the whirlwind for that.

    I anticipate 100’s of thousands of elderly will have to give up their homes due to spikes in property taxes, Gov. Moonbeam will repeal Prop 13 within a week after the start of the new session, and then they will cause property tax rates to double and triple and in some cases more than quadruple overnight! I heard folks this morning lamenting their “Choices” already, and I cannot help but find humor in that.

    As I said, however, God is in control, they voted because of fear, which means they didn’t really make a choice, but were cowed into a corner of their “Master’s” choosing. Jesus is still the savior of the world, praise his holy name!

  2. Hmmm… After the riots in Britain in 2011, the Chief Rabbi (Lord Sacks) wrote an article that was published in the Wall St. Journal. I highly recommend folks go back and read that:


    I wrote an article on it at the time, not even realizing that we were indeed headed for our own form of “Mob Mentality.”


    I’ve been reading and reading today, trying to figure out what happened. It may not be clear until after the dust settles so to speak, but fortunately, we can project a bit into the future. I found two articles especially helpful this morning:



  3. One other thing, I mentioned to several folks that our generation should apologize to the young people, and in fact, I started apologizing right away. We let them down! It’s OUR fault what happened, we let the liberals come in and take over our schools. The Christian answer to the problem – home schooling – doesn’t work either. That consists of taking children out of the mainstream for “their” benefit, but at what cost? The cost is too high to my way of thinking. We have saved the few at the expense of the many. Christians have withdrawn from the system and kept to their Christian conclaves. We have ourselves become “Irrelevant.”

    The saddest part of all is that we have fumbled the baton, we failed to pass on Christianity and all its morals, values, teachings, and most of all SALVATION to the next generation. As Ronald Reagan said, we were only a single generation away from losing our Christian heritage in this country, and now we have lost it. My favorite Christian apologist, Chuck Colson always used to say: “We are culture creators! We must be involved in the public place!” I challenge everyone today to find a way to get involved. We must take our country back. Growing the Tea Party and its influence is a good way, and we must be sure to bring our values along with us whenever we go into the public square to debate against the leftists.

    Debunking their rhetoric is simple, I have done so in this article to a small extent. For most of their arguments, there are similar methods to debunk their theories. One can easily prove, e.g., that Evolution is a myth, a “Faith based” system every bit as much as all the religions out there. Each and every religion, other than Christianity, can also easily be proved to be “Man’s attempt to get to God on man’s terms.” I.e., just what I said in this article, man-centered religions that have no real notion of a god that is all powerful, all knowing and eternal like our Judeo-Christian God. God, the true God, is the only 1 who himself, made a way for all men to be saved. When people complain and say: “Well then why didn’t he tell us about his plan? Why doesn’t he just speak to me?” Tell them: “HE DID! He wrote the Bible so that you would have the whole thing in black and white. It’s all written down and carefully preserved precisely because he knew you would want to know the story and hear about it and be saved!”

    It really is that simple. I believe we have a fight on our hands. It was a fight for the hearts and minds of our children. Now it’s a fight for the heart and soul of our country. Each person reading this must decide if they think that it is worthwhile to try to save our country. If you decide that it is, then you must get involved, no longer can we sit idle and let things just happen to America. Another 4 years of the current President and we may already be done! NOW is the time to stand up!

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