Superstorms and Fog

It’s absolutely amazing to watch the coverage of a major news event, when separated by a considerable geographic distance, and to awaken the morning after to fog and confusion.  Here in Manhattan Beach we have the real kind of fog and folks are very confused.  There on the East Coast, folks have the kind of fog that arises in the aftermath of a major storm.  They are confronted by a seeming nightmare of downed trees, powerlines, flooded streets, roads, washed out bridges, flooded homes and businesses, all kinds of devastation that gives everyone a major dose of confusion and chaos.

In Natural Disasters, folks are left asking the difficult questions:  “Why did this happen?” and “Could we have been more prepared?”  “Is there anything we can do to help?”  Here in CA, in the fog and confusion of several hotly contested issues and campaigns during this election season, we are confronted with the questions like “Who’s telling the truth?”  and, “Will people actually be fooled and believe the lies?”  Fog, confusion, indecision, apathy, hopelessness.  It’s a terrible shame what has happened out here in CA.  It may be even worse than what’s happened on the East Coast, since the economic consequences of years of mismanagement and bad government here in CA have left just as much devastation in my opinion.

We are behind BILLIONS of dollars in revenue.  We are driving businesses out of the state.  If things go according to how the liberals want things to go in this election, more businesses will leave, because they simply cannot afford to do business here anymore.  The shortfall in revenue has little to do with the tax rates, our rates in CA are near the highest already.  In some cases they are the highest.  But liberal “Spend and tax” policies, as well as poor budgeting, even worse fiscal management and planning have led to a state of apathy among the voters who have decided it’s more useful to try and win the lottery than it is to rely on anything good coming out of Sacramento.

We’re very sad and our hearts go out to the millions effected by Superstorm Sandy on the East Coast.  Our thoughts and prayers are with those people right now.  But even more so, our hearts and prayers go out to the folks in our own state who have a real opportunity to help turn things around in this election season.  Voting for the right candidates, those who will make a difference in Sacramento and in Washington DC, folks like Craig Huey, Elizabeth Emken, Mitt Romney and other conservatives who want to see smaller government, an increase in small business growth, real job growth, and elimination of pork and other so-called “Stimulus” spending.

We can’t understand why storms come along and destroy Billions of dollars worth of buildings and infrastructure, take the lives of people who were vibrant in their communities.  But, it’s shameful of us to claim we don’t know why things are not on track with our government when we are all responsible to see those get elected who can do the most good for us.  And I’m not talking about social or entitlement programs!  I’m talking about believing in America, Patriotism, Freedom, Liberty, those are all good things.  Wake up people and listen to good leaders who tell you how to make something of yourselves, not how to remain dependent on a corrupt government that is dedicated to dis-enfranchising minorities and continuing to kill unborn babies at unprecedented rates!  It doesn’t matter if you’re Jewish, Black, Hispanic, Asian, or White Caucasian (or whatever!), we are all of us in this together!  We can make America good again.  We can seek the good – for all of us!

Please consider carefully your voting this election season.  If you don’t know – go to good sites to find out some information and suggestions.  Sites like:



If you’re a Christian like I am, then you must believe that judgement is not far off for our country.  We cannot continue aborting babies and not suffer the wrath of a Holy and Just God.  But, we can determine to educate and inform folks that abortion is not what the left portrays it.  In the words of Bishop Jackson from Virginia ( abortion has done far more harm to the black community in America than the KKK ever did!  That’s truly horrifying!  Abortion has been used as a genocide in this country – right under our very noses, and with all of our consent!  Please – won’t you reconsider your views on abortion today?  Won’t you reconsider your views on Conservativism and “Grass roots” causes like the Tea Party and other Patriot groups who want to see America returned to “The People?”

Help us restore the American Dream!  Not just the dream of wealth and happiness, but the dream as Dr. King said, where all little children play together, and where the only thing that matters is the strength of a man’s character and not the color of his skin or the amount of money in his wallet.


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