A Declaration


You know, I’ve come to the conclusion that you just cannot keep up with the lies, deceptions, half-truths and “Spin” that come out of the left.  They control the media (what we call the MainStream Media or MSM), and the MSM happily follows Joseph Goebbels’ motto:  “If you tell a lie often enough, people will believe it.”  I’m simply going to state our side’s position from now on:

1. Mitt Romney is a man who knows how to balance a budget.
2. Mitt Romney is a man who knows how to get bipartisan support for his plans and ideas.
3. Paul Ryan is one of the brightest minds in Washington DC, and he is a great asset to our team that we want elected to the White House in November.
4. Our team cares deeply about America and is very concerned about all the issues, both Fiscal and Social that we face as a country.
5. Our team is extremely concerned that real recovery (job growth) has been absent in our economy, and that there is no real plan from the left to fix what is broke in our country:  To balance the budget, to bring spending in control, to put Americans back to work, and to stop the useless squabbling and divisiveness that only keeps us polarized on all the issues.
6. Our team seeks to restore what is moral and good in America, rather than see us slide further into a pit of:  Spend and Tax, Relativism, and Multiculturalism.
7. We believe our Government should be accountable.

It’s my own personal belief that when you’re an elected official being paid by the people, you should always be willing to accept the fact that somebody else is out there who may have a better solution to a problem.  That leads you to always be open and inviting rather than closed minded and divisive.  NOT ONE GOP MEMBER OF CONGRESS VOTED FOR Obamacare!

Victor Frankel, when asked about his experiences in a NAZI Concentration Camp during WWII, and whether he “Hated” Germans (he survived, but most of his family perished) said:  “…there are two races of men in the world, … – the “race” of the decent man, and the “race” of the indecent man.”  (Thanks to Dennis Prager for sharing that at WakeUpAmerica2012)

We absolutely believe that our side promotes and reveres only the decent people in this world, while the other side says we are all the same but some should have special status based on race, gender, or sexual preference (and of course, they decide who gets “Special” status).

We believe it is our moral obligation to take care of those less fortunate in our society, widows, orphans, and prisoners, and those stricken by poverty and illness who can no longer care for themselves.  We believe it’s a good thing to take care of those people, however it is a moral duty, not a civic duty.

We are Patriots and believe that this country was founded on principles of Government BY the people, FOR the people and OF the people.  We will gladly volunteer our time to help support our nation and to try to tell people that hard work is a good thing, it makes you strong and builds moral character.


9 thoughts on “A Declaration

  1. Seriously Scott, the Right has no lies, deceptions, half-truths and “Spin” of its own?

    1. This implies that balancing a budget is a desirable goal in and of itself. Currently, the US can borrow at very low rates and should do so. This allows the government to access capital from all over the world instead of only through US taxpayers. “Balancing the budget” is really code for “cutting spending to groups that don’t vote for us anyway”.

    2. Romney will run into the Boehner bandsaw when attempting to be bipartisan. Bank on it.

    3. Paul Ryan is a bright man, I don’t agree with what he wishes to accomplish, but I agree that he is a gifted politician. I hope he runs for President in 2016, the opposition would be greatly challenged.

    4. You imply that the other team is uncaring about Fiscal and Social issues which is simply untrue; they approach them differently, but they have a different focus that rankles your side, I understand. Things about your side rankle me, its healthy in a democracy or a republic to be rankled about something the government is doing, otherwise someone is getting everything they want.

    “We are Patriots and believe that this country was founded on principles of Government BY the people, FOR the people and OF the people.”
    –Which means by definition that Government is not imposed on anyone. Elections are not stolen they are lost.

    — How is that not being “closed minded and divisive”. Healthcare reform incorporated elements espoused by Republicans for years, health insurance exchanges, for example. Reforms dear to many Democrats such as single payor did not get included, so how was this simply one party imposing its will on another?

  2. We certainly try not to have lies, deception or half truths. I think Gov. Romney has been “Caught out” by a couple things he said, but I don’t believe he ever intentionally lied.

    Balancing the budget is good for all of us, it helps us spend less than we earn, and we call the excess “Savings.” Something lost on our generation. We are spending my kid’s and their kid’s money the way things are being done now. The guy in the Whitehouse now said he would cut the deficit, and he’s added 60% more to it!

    The reason the GOP objects to the guy in the Whitehouse now should be obvious, he’s a out and out leftist – a socialist, a “Communist” leaning socialist, who wants “Redistribution” of wealth (that’s Marxism simple as can be) and he wants to keep folks on the government dole, because those who are “Enslaved” to government money are much easier to control than those who actually work and think for a living.

    I like Paul Ryan very much, I still wish he’d picked Marco Rubio though. I think he may be more gifted in the personality aspect.

    Nobody should get everything they want, but the spirit of divisiveness in Washington right now does not come from the GOP. It was all democratic in 2008 when that guy took office, 2 years later he lost one of the houses of Congress because the country is coming unglued! This year we predict even more of a backlash. The grassroots efforts to get this guy outta there are really impressive! I haven’t personally seen folks this fired up in my entire life (not that I remember anyhow). Some, want the “Status quo” the way it used to be. That’s pie in the sky in my opinion, but some want real change, real positive things happening in America. All we’ve seen is massive increases in spending, no real recovery, and massive numbers of folks still wandering around on government assistance wondering what the heck happened?

    Election fraud is becoming more and more of an issue. It still accounts for likely less than a percent, so it’s not “Serious” but it should be addressed. Nobody should be against needing to show a driver’s license or ID to vote. That’s just common sense. The only folks who would object to that would be criminals.

    The fact nobody in the GOP voted for Obamacare just shows that this guy (the guy in the Whitehouse) is unable (or unwilling) to get bi-partisan support for any of his serious changes that he’s bringing into our country. Face it, a $10T tax package is pretty darned serious. If you don’t try to work with the other major party to accomplish that kind of government takeover of a private sector business, then you haven’t done your due diligence. The real bill for government run healthcare may never be totaled. All we know is that in Canada if you get heart disease and you’re over 65 guess what? They throw you a going away party! Do we really want that? England is no better. We were shown the DMV as a “Model” of government run efficiency when they talked about giving us Obamacare, I don’t know if you remember that or not. I only know the DMV is the last place I ever want to go, and every time I go there it seems to take at least 3 – 4 hours out of my day to do it! Do we really want that kind of healthcare too? I’m preaching to myself of course, as we have no healthcare right now.

    I do enjoy the chance at least to debate with somebody who’s not a vicious troll out there on the Internet. They are everywhere out there, filled with the most disgusting and vile stuff you’ve ever heard. Anytime anybody tries to say something good about Gov. Romney or Congressman Ryan – it starts a flame war with all that stuff literally dripping all over whatever you read. It’s sick. There’s no chance for intellectual discussion, only flames, flames, flames. Pretty sad I’d say. I’ll just bet you that many of them are paid too. That’s even more sad.

    In our local Assy Dist. race here in CA, we are volunteers for our candidate, and we had 12 people working the phones the other night. The other side has 50 – PAID – folks making calls all day – EVERY day – because they smell a chance to get a “Supermajority” in the CA State legislature (they have a dem Governor, and a supermajority already in the CA State Senate). If they do that, CA will literally fall apart. It’s already so bad, that 5 businesses with 30 or more employees are leaving every single week, going to Texas, Arkansas, Alabama, wherever. A company left 2 weeks ago with 1,000 jobs. We’re hurting out here badly!

    I know you didn’t read what I’ve written a couple weeks ago, but things are so bad in this country right now, that my personal belief is that this guy is purposely trying to ruin our country, to weaken us, to enable us to be taken over, economically, whatever. The National Debt, $16T is so huge, I don’t think any of us really has a handle on just how big that is, and how much damage it’s doing to our country. We’re in a world of hurt. Don’t believe the rhetoric! My children and many others are already feeling the effects of our ruined economy, they are the first generation in our country – for a very long time, perhaps since the beginning of our country – who will not see a country more prosperous than their parent’s generation. They don’t stand a chance! My heart is just sick over that.

  3. ‘The only folks who would object to that would be criminals.”
    Or those who live undocumentedly.

    To obtain a Mississippi ID card, visit your local driver’s license office with the following information:
    — First step is a visit to the DMV, there’s a work day gone. Not every county has one, it could be far away and difficult to get to if you live in a rural area (MS has a lot of rural)

    1. A completed application form.
    2. Social Security card
    — Not everyone has one. Some poor people when they can find work, it cash basis only, employers sometimes prefer it that way (avoids a lot of pesky regulations).

    3. Proof of residency. The following may work: electric or water bill, lease agreement, vehicle-registration receipt, mortgage documents, homestead exemption receipt, bank statement, notarized employer verification on company letterhead (with a phone number) that states your address, your parent or guardian’s state driver’s license (valid for those who are under 21).
    — If you are a young man or woman in your twenties living at home, you probably don’t have your name on any utility bills, lease, mortgage paperwork. If you are working you may not nor want to have a bank account (banks check your credit before giving you a checking account and do deny them routinely)

    4. Certified birth certificate (not a hospital certificate).
    — If you don’t have a birth certificate, you can order one BUT you need to provide an official Identification card to prove you are you. See top of post.

    So you see, getting an Identification card is not only costly, but potentially arduous, especially for the poor. It acts as a back door poll tax; wait, is that the purpose?

    • We must make this process easier – for all of us. Legal residents should be able to quickly and easily get ID – no matter what. I’ve only met one person since being here (in Calif.) who said “My wife and I went to vote, and when she tried to sign the register – her information was already filled in.” Like I said, it happens. We had too many dead people vote in the last election too. We must do something to prevent voter fraud.

      I know, there’s so many other problems to solve, this one’s pretty minor…

  4. The Right wants to redistribute wealth just as much as the Left wants to, the Left wants to redistribute wealth from the haves to the have-mots, the Right wants to redistribute wealth from the have-nots to the haves. Of course, nether will admit to this explicitly. The Left will bleat about “a hand up, not a hand out” and the Right will beat the “job creation” drum. Examining these both leads to an analysis that neither of them are true.

    I’ve met and gotten to know some small business operators, both successful and not, and none of them decide to hire someone based on tax policies. They decide based on whether they have something they want done that provides more money than it costs to pay someone to do it. I remember that basic rule of Business School when I went there “Buy something, sell it for more.” It includes labor. Taxes and regulation costs are not the prime component of labor cost, the wage is. If you lower the non-wage cost of labor, the laborers are not stupid, they will demand a share of the cost savings, partly to compensate for reduced service provided by the reduced non-wage cost.

    Ever been in severe pain and been given a really effective painkiller like Dilaudid, I have and it was wonderful, no more pain for a while. Fortunately, I did not need Dilaudid long enough to form an addiction to it. If the doctors provide Dilaudid to someone in pain long enough for the addiction to form, it loses its painkilling effect and the patient is now saddled with a larger problem. Do we blame the patient and and deride his moral fiber for something that was provided to him as a good thing? Not usually. Giving money to poor people is analogous. Providing pain relief (money) where it is needed is a good, right, kind and humanitarian thing to do. Unfortunately, it can be addictive, through no fault of the recipient. Yet the Right sees this as a moral failure of the recipient, perhaps we should blame the pusher and have compassion for the addicted patient. Taking someone through withdrawal can be done harshly, or it can be done compassionately, but the addicted person has to see that there is something on the other side of the process that is better. Without a job, the poor do not see a better future, so why bother with the pain of withdrawal. Some will resist at all costs, do we discard these human beings, or do we provide Methadone. The hand outs are a fact of life, the addiction is there, as a society we need a way to compassionately deal with the problem that does not involve forcing all the recipients to go cold turkey, that’s just out and out cruel.

    • In Business School, we learned that tax cuts always stimulate growth – and spending. There’s ample evidence (Anecdotal) to prove it as well. Keynsian economics on the other hand (what Obama has been practicing) only benefits the Government, giving it more power over what it seeks to control (which is usually interest rates, used to be Gold). But, as we’ve seen, just keeping interest rates low doesn’t necessarily spur the economy to growth. In fact, it really doesn’t do anything at all if the economy has different kinds of structural problems.

      Our biggest structural problem is still the fact that we (our government) are spending money we don’t have. The government spends and spends, and then they need to tax and tax. Tax cuts don’t only benefit the rich, it’s proven (again anecdotally) that tax cuts benefit the poor as well, there’s more trickle down when there’s less tax burden, stands to reason. Besides, if your arguments were true, then it should be also the case that the rich are getting poorer under Obama – which they are NOT! And it ain’t because he hasn’t tried! He’s burdened our economy about as far as he can, and he and his buddies keep beating that drum about “We gotta give them little folks a chance.” And “We need to redistribute.”

      The notion that the “Wealthy” are getting wealthier is also a myth. Most of the folks who are in the top 10% were not there 10 years ago (I think that was like 60%). Those ideas have been debunked. While folks like Soros, and Bill Gates, and Larry Ellison (all staunch Democrats/Socialists) have been on there for many years. Why is it that so much of the wealthy in Hollywood also support Obama? They see a good thing, they wanna keep their wealth and power. The Unions also want to keep what power they have – and get more, and they stand to gain big if Obama stays in power. That’s all born of the same “Elitism” as those Ivy leaguers, what a bunch of morons. They think they’ve “Evolved” into something better than the rest of us (again, that’s why I call them the “New Aristocracy”). While it may be true that watching TV dumbs you down and makes you a complete idiot, I do not agree that going to a liberal college and taking liberal courses makes you more suited to run a country. If anything’s the case, Obama is surely not as intelligent as most of the rest of the folks in Washington DC, he just hides it very well. The way he acted like a spoiled child the other night when challenged, really challenged (in his face) shows what a real loser he is.

      The “Fixes” to all our economic problems are not simple, otherwise somebody would have already fixed it. I only know that you don’t “Redistribute” wealth in a Capitalist society, never works, never did, never will. We can and do take care of the poor, and incidentally, why are there 60% more folks on food stamps under Obama? Why are 3M more women in poverty now than 3.7 years ago? And gal who won the lottery – was getting food stamps? How does that stuff happen? Of course there was the gal in CO who won the lottery and couple years later was broke (all her money embezzled / stolen). The lottery is false hope, and so is redistribution of wealth. Talk to anyone who’s come from a Communist country, they’ll tell you – it doesn’t work, the poor are even worse off in those countries! There are plenty of folks in the Tea Party who came from Russia, Cuba, Eastern Europe, I’ve met many who all say the same thing, Obama is a commie and his socialism will ruin America. They can smell his type a mile away.

      Usually our system works pretty well, because we understand and have used the Austrian school of economics for some time now, and it’s worked quite well. I don’t think anybody wants to see us go back to the days of Reaganomics, but Mr. Reagan did do a lot of things right. America was restored in the 1980’s, after years of ravaging inflation and high interest rates under Carter. That guy nearly wrecked our country too, in spite of the fact that he was a Nuclear Scientist! Smart people don’t always succeed either I guess. Just look at us! =)

      There are many in the Tea Party who, as I said, want the status quo returned. They just want the “Old days” back. Well, that ain’t gonna happen either. We live in a post-9/11 world now, and we are under the fear of attack – anytime – from radical Islam. According to our Homeland Security, radical Islam is the only threat left to us. Even if we conservatively put it at less than 10% of Muslims are “Radical” that’s still about 150M folks around the world who want Israel and America wiped out! That’s pretty significant – in anybody’s book! I get that statistic from: “As of mid 2010, we accept the Pew Forum’s estimate 1.57 billion as the most reliable estimate.” (from an article on Wikipedia)

      If you look at the wars that are going on right now (places where 1,000 or more folks are being killed each year) it’s pretty obvious that radical Islam has much to do with that too:


      I make it that 8/10 of those are due to radical Islam. But that’s just my take. It spreads like a disease. They don’t serve the same God (nor do they recognize the Trinity). Our God is Jesus (and the Holy Spirit and God the Father or Jehovah, Yahweh), theirs is “Allah” (Allah is not Jehovah or Yahweh) and they bow and prostrate themselves before some “Moon rock” in Hebron. It’s a very ritualistic, fatalistic, sadistic religion based on fear, not salvation as in the west. You really should read up on it. When you have conversions acceptable at the point of a gun, you’re in some serious trouble! Of course, I know, others will bring up the Spanish Inquisition. A very sad chapter in “Christianity” (so-called) because some folks can get it so wrong. That’s what part of Martin Luther’s point was: “Salvation is by grace alone.” You cannot wring it out of folks, though many have tried. And there have been wars, terrible wars.

      But, on that score, the worst wars of all, those of the 20th Century (WWI and WWII) had very little to do with Religion, and everything to do with, well, sin. Pride, arrogance, covetousness, all kinds of mean and demeaning things. In some sense, those wars were the final death rattles of Imperialism, though it’s taken a while for Imperialism (in the European sense) to completely go away. Imperialism rose to prominence under Darwinism – not Religion. Darwin was the one who came along and told everyone we were evolving and it was our “Duty” to civilize these savages or some such. That had been going on for some time in the new world and in the far east (heck, the British hooked the entire Merchant class in China on Opium in order to “Control” them), but when Darwin came along with his theories – they grabbed onto it with both hands!

      Then there was the ideological struggle of Communism vs. Capitalism, well, here in the west, we think we won that war, but we’re now faced with an even larger war: The ideological war of a bunch of raving fear-maddened radical Islamic terrorist who will stop at nothing until they see us all dead. We, the ones who all we did was said we will not believe in their God who coerces them to go out and kill people. Would you want to follow that God? Obama does. He thinks Islam is a good thing. He abolished the National Day of Prayer in favor of Ramadan dinners in the Whitehouse. If you think that’s a good thing, I feel sorry for you. The books of Islam say that it is perfectly fine to lie right to the faces of infidels, after all, it’s for their good isn’t it? There is no morality in Islam because they don’t serve a true God like ours (no natural or moral law, only shariya). Our God created everything, theirs is out to destroy it.

      But, we shall see. Not entirely sure how I got from economic policies to radical Islam. Oh well… It is true that in any case, I see Islam as the natural successor to a whole host of ideologies that are out to destroy this world, and to try and destroy the Judeo-Christian God (can’t be done). This may be the end (end times), may not be. I worry for others who may not see it that way, including my kids and some of my other family. The end could come at any time. Much of Biblical Prophecy has been fulfilled. The re-establishment of the Jewish State brought us much nearer the end according to most scholars. Things could happen very quickly. Are you ready?

  5. Politicians love to make economic promises. “I’ll create jobs” “I’ll cut taxes and still grow revenues” “I’ll equalize opportunity” Whatever they are. Know why politicians love to make economic promise? Because they know that government actions and economic consequences are not causally related. Most government spending can’t be changed and what can be changed does not largely influence the dead hand of Economics. Scarcity or abundance of resources and labor drives economics. But why do the politicians love to make economic promise? Because success or failure is unrelated to what they say or do they can claim credit if economic events align with their promises and they can fix blame elsewhere (hopefully with their opponents) if they do not. Win-win. Economic promises are a coin toss. I promise “prosperity” and either the economy prospers or it doesn’t (no matter what I do).

    Government spending can’t be largely controlled unless large scale measures are taken. And spending cannot be reduced because politics mandates that everyone get their constituency something. The only way to make large scale reductions in spending is through revolution, hopefully not the violent sort, but that rarely happens.

    Business discovered cheap labor in China and elsewhere and the American worker faced wage pressure. To maintain a lifestyle, the worker borrowed against his house (value never goes down, he thought). Eventually, the worker couldn’t borrow anymore and finally stopped buying stuff (now made in China and elsewhere). If the banks hadn’t made loans to borderline borrowers, the consumer economy would have ground to a halt sooner than it did, but housing prices might not have ballooned only to drop. The jobs we had are gone and few of them will return with the wages they had. What jobs are going to replace them? Not everyone is capable of being a knowledge worker, not everyone can be an entrepreneur, basic skills are available globally and cost less almost anywhere but here. In times past, conditions like these lead to revolution within or wars with others in order to gain economic advantage. Most recent Centuries are dominated by large conflicts, why do we think the 21st will be different? Will it be economic war with China that flashes over? Or Resource War in the Middle East over oil? Or self induced revolution that remakes the American social contract?

  6. Balanced budgets for governments are the same as balanced budgets for households. Governments need not ever pay back the money that has been borrowed. They only have to pay the interest, which is low at this time. Does this mean that Governments should borrow as much as possible, no but they should not try to not borrow at all. Even when we have budget surpluses in the Clinton era, we were borrowing, just not adding to the total debt. (But then Bush said that instead of sending money to those we borrowed from, we should send it to the taxpayer). The American Government has enormous assets that back up the level of debt that it carries, the value of the raw land alone held by the Government is easily an order of magnitude larger than the total debt. That the Government chooses to pay for debt from taxes instead of by selling land is the choice we make. Government too also has the choice to trigger inflation to repay debt with nominal dollars that are worth less than the dollars borrowed, but that tends to make the lenders wary of loaning more, so that has to held off as a last resort.

  7. Romney’s mention of not caring for 47% tells the whole story that he is out of touch and wants to care about wealthy people because they give him money and he will be in their stronghold if elected. I believe he is dishonest, a liar and will say anything to be elected.

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