Afghanistan War – Winding Down?


Comments on an article in the Chicago Sun Times:

The parallels to Vietnam are frightening.  But of all the places in history that have chewed up and spit out Armies, Afghanistan is the worst.  The Soviets lost 14.5k killed, over 50k wounded!  We have gotten off pretty light actually.  I’m not trying to minimize the sacrifice of our brave men and women in uniform, or those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, they died for you and me, I fully believe that.  That’s a testament to our superior technology, but it will only take you so far and it’s very expensive to carry on that kind of war for so long (11 years!).  Our Army and Air Force are hardly suited to that kind of combat any longer, not that we shouldn’t be there.

Of all the things people forget – the last thing we should forget is why we are fighting over there.  We fight evil on evil’s turf in order to prevent attacks here on our homeland.  We seek to find the infrastructure of Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations and deprive them of power, communications and control.  What we now find ourselves fighting is, unfortunately, the holy war declared by radical Islam on America and Israel.

The sad fact of it is, that now that the holy war is on, there’s no stopping it.  They won’t stop, even if we pull out.  That’s another significant factor that nobody in the MSM is talking about.  The scenario looks pretty much like this:

1. We pull out of Afghanistan
2. The Taliban and Al Qaeda resurrect their power structures and their lines of communication and takeover within about 18 months.
3. The spread of radical Islam continues, and other countries are infected.  Already we have Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, and soon Syria to come under their influence.  Iraq is floundering and will fall soon as well to these forces of darkness.  Lebanon is already there.
4. They will band together and threaten Israel.

I may not have the timetable quite accurate, it could happen much faster than that.

That’s where the parallel to Vietnam ends unfortunately.  The Viet Cong in Vietnam were only ever interested in gaining hold of their own country, the “Domino” theory became null and void as of about 1967 when folks realized that if South Vietnam fell, the rest of Southeast Asia would not also fall.  Today’s situation is much different.  We have forces bent on global conquest, and they are evil, pure and simple – by anybody’s definition (except their own).  They follow a false prophet who advocates violent conversion, murder of infidels, and conquest of cities and countries that do not bow to their false god.

People, if this ain’t Armageddon, I don’t know what else to call it.


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