Tea Party – Call To Action

People of the Tea Party Movement, the call went out last night. In fact, my wife was overwhelmed by the moment at last night’s South Bay Tea Party meeting, and she got up and told us all “The time is NOW!” I agree 100%! If not now, when? If not us, who? We stand in the gap for our nation, we hear the call to action and we must ACT! Now! Today! We’ll be there along with Gary and the other South Bay Tea Partiers at Huey HQ tonight, 6:00pm at:

21707 Hawthorne Blvd, Torrance

I’ve been lax too, we are all overworked, tired, perhaps discouraged that we live in such a liberal place, but Bill Whittle said it Sunday at WakeUpAmerica2012: “There’s 1,000,000 registered Republicans in LA County! Let’s reach them! We only need to win about 5,000 of them from now until Nov. 6th to make sure Craig wins this 66th Assembly District, but let’s make it a landslide and show the other side that lying gets them nowhere!

Let’s Roll!


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