Did Jesus Have A Wife?

In response to articles posted today about a “4th Century Papyrus” fragment “found” recently and deciphered, which appears to say that “Jesus” had a wife named Mary, I offer the following.  First, the Gnostics have been around spreading their heresies since the 1st Century.  The Apostle John wrote in his book 1 John rather extensively warning believers about the lies they were spreading.  There isn’t a shred of proof for their claims other than another supposed “Gospel of Judas” (and one other somewhere which names escape me at the moment) that these claims are anything other than fictions published in later centuries (none from the 1st Century have ever been found).

Now while these vicious lies about our Savior are what we would call damnable heresies, there’s no way I am going to go out and torch somebody’s embassy over it.  Rather, I think it’s important to have a clear head and a clear mind in order to be able to correctly decide for oneself what is a lie and what is not.  The authors of the Gospels that are published in the Bible were – for the most part – eyewitnesses of the events they wrote about.   Luke and Mark, neither of whom was an eyewitness, but Luke interviewed and gathered testimonies from many who were eyewitnesses of the events depicted and Mark interacted with Paul, Peter and Barnabus extensively.

You must realize that the Bible is more reliable than any other book ever published.  There are statistics somewhere or other on just how reliable it is (see below), but since I’ve read Josh McDowell’s accounts in many of his works, and the writings of C.S. Lewis, who both started off as Atheists intent on disproving the Gospels and instead were swayed by the insurmountable evidence that proves Jesus is who He said He is, I am satisfied I don’t need to do all that research myself.  Violent protests result from ignorance and false teaching, as is evidenced in the Middle East.  The Muslim Clerics keep their people in the dark on purpose, never revealing the entire truth of their “Religion” to the masses, because if they did they’d lose all their “Sheep” overnight.  No intelligent person could ever follow a person such as Mohammed.  I  just don’t get it, but it must be as the Bible says in 2 Cor 4:4 “The God of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers…”

I pity them and hope we can reach as many as possible before the end of this age.  BTW, the timing of this “Find” is very suspicious given the turmoil in the Middle East right now.  Our enemy is working overtime to do everything he can to give Christianity, Jesus and all us Christians a black eye!  Nice try!

Here’s a sample of the articles published today on Jesus’ supposedly having a wife:


Sites for Bible statistics on its veracity and reliability:




3 thoughts on “Did Jesus Have A Wife?

  1. “No intelligent person could ever follow a person such as Mohammed.”

    A broad sweeping statement proffered by a zealot.

    Islamic scholars kept and expanded the science and knowledge of the West during the European Dark Age. Islam is not all about Mohammed, after all “There is no God but ‘The God’ and Mohammed is his prophet”. “The God” is the same God worshiped by members of other Abrahamic religions such as Christianity and Judaism.

    That some do evil in Islam’s name is not an indictment of Islam. Evil can be done in any name as an excuse; examples in human history abound for this.

  2. A great site to study regarding Islam:


    Specifically, I started with “The Life of Mohammed.”


    I would have to state my belief that what we now call Istanbul, once Constantinople, was once the center and keeper of Western thought. We call it the “Byzantine Empire” but they themselves never had that name, they were Romans. The Emperor Constantine moved the Capital to the East (to Constantinople) in what was then called Byzantium (I gather that’s the origin of the term “Byzantine”). Rome, as such, was not actually destroyed when it fell in 476 A.D. The seat of Roman power, authority, and even the new Religion of Christianity were all centered in Constantinople.

    The Papal Ministry that began in Rome continued, and eventually the two split, into the two great Sects of the early church: Eastern Orthodox and Western or simply Orthodox (Roman Catholic). When Mohammed arose, there were Jews and Christians all over the Near and Middle East. He simply devised a new “Religion” to place himself atop the heap, as he perceived he’d more readily attract followers if he could claim some “Inspiration” from God and that he was “Entitled” to all the riches of these people and so was justified in taking them. Still today, the Islamic practice of making Infidels pay the “Tax” is in effect. Most recently it was on the news because Egypt’s new Muslim Brotherhood President (Morsi) believes still – today – that foreigners and infidels should be forced to pay that tax!

    Let me quote from the site above, which quotes directly from the Qur’an (from the 9th Sura):

    “Fight those who do not believe in Allah, nor in the latter day, nor do they prohibit what Allah and His Messenger have prohibited, nor follow the religion of truth, out of those who have been given the Book, until they pay the tax in acknowledgment of superiority and they are in a state of subjection.” (9:29)

    (the author of the site goes on to say)

    The verse that follows curses Christians and Jews by name and says “May Allah destroy them” (as with other sections of the Quran, it is unclear whether it is Allah or Muhammad speaking).

    Before his death, Muhammad ordered 30,000 men to march on Christian lands (which were Byzantine at the time). It is possible that he believed false rumors of an army amassed against him, but there is absolutely no evidence of such a force having been assembled. Instead, Muhammad subjugated the local people and extorted “protection” money from them – something that has come to be known as the jizya (a tax that non-Muslims pay to Muslims).

    Islam as such, did nothing to enhance Western thought (for its first 4-5 centuries). Rather, they stole everything from Byzantine lands (and from Christians and Jews), occupied various territories and started the subjugation of peoples that continues to this day.

    Please, understand, people are people. But when they follow a very evil, dark “Religion” such as this, they pose a danger to us and to the very fabric of society and the world itself.

    To me, it’s interesting that Constantinople is identified as the “Center” of culture up until 1197 or so, when the 4th Crusaders sacked and burned the city. See the excellent Wikipedia article on Constantinople:


  3. Believers and non-believers have strained relationships that is true. Compare the Israelite arrival into the Promised Land. How many settlements were put to edge of a sword and all residents killed? Witness Christian oppression of “inferior” peoples. Internecine hostilities within the Christian family. Clearly when believers and non-believers clash, someone loses and the history is written by the winners. This is especially true when Religion and Political Conquest are mixed together as they have in both the history of Islam and Christianity.

    God is merciful and all-knowing, the good that men do gives glory to God no matter the surface presented as God sees into the heart.

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