Mohammed Video – Middle East Retaliatory Attacks

I posted a reply this morning to the following article on CNN:

My reply:

The video could be authentic, it might not be.  Reminds me of our President’s Birth Certificate.  =)  But in the case of the video that is at the heart of this matter, did anyone in the media actually ever ask any Islamic leaders to prove the video, the cartoonish / amateurish video that denounces Mohammed as a fraud, did any in the News Media ask the Islamic leaders to address the content of that video?  Did anyone watch it besides me?  Face it – there are some serious allegations those people need to address.  Did Mohammed commit murder?  Was he a pedophile?  You can’t prove any of it false from the Qu’ran, according to that book – he did all those things!  He also raped and pillaged, and ordered mass executions, and took part in plotting to overthrow various cities and governments.  We don’t, in the west at least, usually look on those as “Good” things.  Nor would we consider those as being characteristics of “God’s right-hand man.”  I would ask that the media, yes, the MSM, address these serious allegations by posing these questions to the Islamic leaders, rather than simply kow-towing to them and pretending like they have a “Right” to be inflamed about all this.  Either the video is true, or it’s not.  If it’s not then why the big deal?  If it’s true, then we are the ones who should be upset.


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