50 Days and Counting

In light of world events, and the increasing probability that Israel will strike Iran any day now, and the fact that our President (our country) has thrown Israel under the bus (abandoned them in their hour of need), I offer the following.  It starts with a question:  “Are you ready for Jesus’ return?”

You know, oddly enough, I asked Cheryl the other day if she was ready, even anxious like me for Jesus’ return.  She said “No,” she had too many things to do still.  I reminded her the point of being a Christian is to not leave things undone, unsaid since none of us knows the day or the time.  I’m pretty “Realistic” I like to think when it comes to death.  I suppose I worried my daughter a couple months ago when I announced to her that since I’m now over 50, I expect I could go anytime, heart attack, aneurism, stoke, who knows?  I’m relatively healthy, but so have a lot of folks been who’ve died even younger than me.

I guess we like to think we’re prepared, even ready for the end.  I keep telling folks, warning them, that as long as men are men, and think they have solutions better than God’s answer (Jesus) then we will have wars and strife, and conflict, and hunger and disease.  Disease was God’s original answer to our sin problem.  We would be subject to death in any number of ways.  War is our own way of expressing our sin.  Somebody has something we want, we fight for it!  It’s basically that simple in all the wars fought in the last 5,000 years.  They haven’t (mostly) been about Religion or crusades or whatever, though those have happened, but they are mostly about one person wanting what another has.  Europe was decimated first in WWI by the Kaiser’s desire to be in the “Inner Circle” of leaders in Europe.  He wanted to be equal with his cousin, the King of England.  Then there was Hitler.  How do we define a megalomaniac like that other than extremely depraved?

What I still find amazing is the fact that he got his people to kill 11.5 million folks who did nothing!  In reality, all they did was get in the way.  It wasn’t about race,  or religion, it was idealism first (NAZIism) and then secondarily inconvenience.  You know they killed the old and the very young first in the concentration camps.  They were not “Useful” no utilitarian value as slave labor, so they were gassed first.  Have we done any less with babies who are not “useful” or are “inconvenient?”  We call that choice.  What a horrible awful stain on our country.  We can never atone for that I don’t think anymore.  God must punish us.  I fear for my children and grandchildren.  I’m afraid we haven’t left them much of a legacy.  Our generation succumbed to Satan’s promptings and we will reap the whirlwind.

How sad.  But, I’m reminded of Joseph Kennedy (Sr.).  He was Ambassador to England before WWII.  His son (JFK) understood the times well, but old Joe Sr. looked around and thought the world was going to be NAZI.  He saw no hope.  It does prove that salvation can come even when we see things the darkest.  England stood alone, fought alone.  I don’t think we have very many in this country who would die for a cause any more.  We have our military, but our illustrious President and his party are in the process of dismantling it in favor of a UN world peace-keeping body I guess.  Us, the mighty.  Us, the protectors of freedom throughout the free world.  Us, the protectors of the down-trodden and the oppressed.  We’ve been .. absorbed into a world culture that is so oppressive.  The “Progressives” think they are building the “New order” for themselves, and that they will save the world somehow (carbon credits, green initiatives, etc…).  They don’t even plant trees, they just yak about it and complain about all the deforestation.

The Progressives, the “New Aristocracy” as I like to call them, they will find out in a hurry who they’re winning this earth for, and it ain’t themselves!  Satan is primed to rise as the “Man of Lawlessness.”  I had hoped we would not see him in our lifetime.  I’m not so sure these days.  His rise may be imminent.  He may in fact be our President.  He has totally trashed the Constitution – his first and foremost sworn duty is to protect it!

I guess my only real question when I look around these days is to ask Christians “Are you anxious for His return?  Haven’t we messed it up enough already?”  I was shocked by my wife’s answer.  Her thinking (maybe) is that we can still do some “Good” down here.  Well, I agree to a point.  But, there comes a time when we’ve done about all we can do.  I’m not saying retreat into our Christian ghettos and forget the rest of the world.  Too many Christians have already done that.  Most Evangelicals don’t even vote, and that makes me very sad.  Why have so many given up?  We actually haven’t either.  We’ve gotten into evangelizing this past year and it’s really quite fun.  Cheryl is much better at it than I am, we both have our gifts I guess you’d say.  She has no fear, I have a powerful testimony and I can refute most arguments from Atheists and worldly folks.  We’re both still learning.

The best thing is we’re involved in our local church.  We love Jesus and look forward to seeing Him no matter when!


One thought on “50 Days and Counting

  1. I copied that title off an article I read on Joel Rosenberg’s blog. He was referring (I think) to the most interesting 50 days in history – those that we are witnessing right now. So far, he’s been right on. We’ve left Israel hanging, our Embassy’s in Egypt and Libya have been attacked, the Ambassador in Libya was killed and his body dragged around and photographed by the terrorists. Arab spring has turned to Arab nightmare, teachers are striking in Chicago and demanding that President Obama intervene so they can get their raises and the union can continue to rip off the public by making sure that all teachers keep their jobs even when their performance is dismal, or they are pedophiles, or are just generally rotten people. Meanwhile, down here in Los Angeles today we saw a bank robbery turn quickly into a wild situation, nearly a riot after various police and sheriff’s agencies chase the suspects for hours and finally they wound up in the ‘Hood’ where they started throwing cash out the windows of their vehicle causing near pandemonium. The police had to work hard to get things under control, as all the folks were happy to go out on the streets and nearly get run over to collect all that free money. Many were filmed dodging cars to try and grab some of the free loot even though it was “Heist” money. I’m sure the scene was reminiscent of the one in the movie “Oh Brother Where Art Thou?” Money flying, cows dying… Come soon Jesus, the planet is quickly falling apart, and we have a “Rookie” in the Whitehouse who hasn’t a clue how to run the world’s most powerful country and fight evil, heck, he doesn’t even believe there is evil out there! The Embassy in Cairo actually apologized to the people who stormed the Embassy there, and an apology could only have come from the top (the Whitehouse. Isn’t that special?

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