Tragedy In Aurora


This has been another week, events, trials, shaking.  I was reminded this morning by my wife Cheryl that evil is out there, lurking everywhere!  You all need to know that she is in Aurora, CO right now.  I sent her “home” Wednesday, for a visit with our friends, my daughter, her daughter, our old church.  We lived there for 12 years together.  I met her there, we were married there, we spent 9 years together at our old church there.  She got to go home and hear our missionary from Nigeria Wednesday night, what an amazing woman, her name is Phyllis.  What a testimony!  But that’s another story.

I was here, pulling my hair out (what few I have left!) because of too many things to do (with Cheryl gone) and not enough time.  My mother and I ate out every night this week, it’s expensive, but I’m just not in the habit of preparing meals anymore, at least not dinner.  We managed for breakfast and lunches OK.  Work, thankfully, was not too hectic.  We have a new fellow in my IT department, he’s a guy from Hope Chapel originally.  His name is Carl, you may know him.  He came recommended highly, and this past week, I left him mostly on his own, while I worked from home, trying to get my head back into development, while having a young man from our church come and work at my mom’s house, and trying to juggle those other activities that needed to get done also.

So, as you can imagine, my wife was very affected by the evil that happened Thursday night in Aurora at the movie theater.  That theater is just 2 miles from our old house.  We went there dozens of times.  There were always lots of uniformed police around since Aurora is pretty heavily populated with gangs.  I just didn’t understand what happened:  “What were those guys doing?  There must have been 8 officers on duty there for a midnight premier!”  It still defies explanation.  Evil is CLOSE!  Satan prowls around like a lion, seeking whom he will devour!

But, God is in control!  Read Psalm 62.  Pastor Kevin taught on it about 6 months ago, and I haven’t been able to get over it since.  There will be SHAKING, but I WILL NOT BE SHAKEN!  Jesus is my ROCK!  Face it, without Him, we are nothing.  We would fall, just like that depraved young man who committed an act of unspeakable evil.  Denver has suffered another Columbine.  They are being tried by fire it would seem.  Colorado has suffered this past year.  We are being refined, all of us.  God is at work, each day brings us one day closer to His return!  Hallelujah!  Come Lord Jesus!

I can’t wait until He comes back.  We must prepare, we must PRAY.  Lord, you know all my ways.  You are familiar with all my anxious thoughts.  Yet, You sought me out, you saved me, You gave me Your salvation and Your Holy Spirit.  Strengthen us Lord.  Give us Your strength.  Help us put on Your armor.  Help us get into Your Word.  Help it become crystal clear to us.  Help us hide it in our hearts.  Enable us to not sin against You.  Cure us of our rebellion, save us from our selfish ways, help our thoughts to dwell on You.  We pray in Jesus’ Name.  Amen.


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