Letter to Military Religious Freedom Foundation

Tolerance is not the same as “Acceptance”

You know, I went around the first 35 years of my life as first a liberal, then a pot-head “Freedom worshiper” and then finally, after drugging out of my first college, I got clean and sober some 30 years ago (Dec. 3, 1982 is my sobriety date).  I used to listen to folks like you and raise my fists and urge others to support the job you all were doing.  I thought that getting rid of those bigoted Christians and the “Ultra-conservatives” was our most important task we should be pursuing in our country.  In the name of “Religious Freedom” I studied the Tibetan Book of the Dead, I studied Taoism, Confucianism, the other various forms of Buddhism, even Animism and Spiritism as practiced by Native Americans.

I thought that all “Religions” truly were equal and deserved to be treated as such.

What I never believed could happen – happened to me.  I was saved.  I became Born Again.  Our Lord and Savior touched my life, He restored me and gave me a second chance after my first wife divorced me.  I truly thought my life had ended, little did I know but that it was just beginning.  He opened my eyes to truth, the truth of the Universe, He let me know how all those other systems of thought are nothing but false beliefs.  What “Religion” can be defined as is:  “Man’s attempt to get to God.”  In reality, they (all other “Religions”) are all pathetic attempts to shape God in man’s image, or the image of some natural forms around us.  Even Buddhism with its study of death and resurrection gets it as wrong as wrong can be.

What you all must realize is that there is a Spiritual World all around us.  In fact, when John the Baptist said “Repent – for the Kingdom of Heaven is near!”  He wasn’t kidding!  After we become Born Again, the Spirit of God comes and lives within us.  That’s what Christianity is all about, and that’s what I mean by real truth.  The real truth is that God did create us in His image, but we became corrupted and so death entered the world – because of our sin.  We’ve been suffering ever since, but He sent His son Jesus to die for us on the cross, to satisfy the penalty for all our sin – so that we could once again have fellowship with Him and live forever with Him in Heaven.

That’s the true Gospel.  It’s the best news there is, and it’s the only way to Heaven I’m afraid.  You see, all those other “Religions” have nothing to do with that real truth, they are shams, lies, and schemes cooked up by folks who mostly just want to be in charge of their own lives and have nobody telling them what to do.  If you search your heart today and find that is what you are about, then I urge you to repent and follow Jesus.  He’s the true God.  Jesus is God, He told us so.  And remember, there’s only 3 possible conclusions from that statement:  1.) He’s a liar;  2.) He’s insane;  or 3.) He is who He said He is.

The Gospels and the Bible were written to show us how to get there.  The Bible is the single most important book in all of history.  The Bible is history, but it is also a love letter from God that He takes and writes on our hearts.  In fact, when you read the Bible as a saved believer, it resonates with your soul, you cannot read enough of it!

I would urge you today to reconsider your ban of “Military” Bibles from the shelves of Military Post Exchanges and Base Exchanges.  I would also urge you again to repent – turn from your false beliefs and follow the true God of the Universe.  We cannot, any of us get to God on our own.  His place, Heaven, is in reality a spiritual place that nobody can get physically to.  That is why we must be born again – of the Spirit.  Without Jesus, it is not possible.  He is the truth, the life and the way as He said.  That’s what it really means.  He came not just to show us the way, but also why we must follow Him and obey His laws.  His laws are written in that book that you so despise.  The laws are there to show us, to teach us how to live best with one another, and how to be like Him.

Please, won’t you at least consider what I’ve said?  I urge you.  Time is short – for all of us.  Our lives on this earth are but a breath, then we are gone.  So many have missed this!  It’s our job as real followers of Jesus to urge those who are not to consider this truth!

Thank you for listening.  I pray today that Jesus touches you in a special way and that you would know Him as I do.

God bless you!

-Scott deBeaubien
Los Angeles


4 thoughts on “Letter to Military Religious Freedom Foundation

  1. Bibles of all editions that do not include military emblems are available at Exchanges as are other religious texts. I would suggest that mixing religious texts and government military emblems smacks of some endorsement, whether intentional or not. The First Amendment makes it clear that no religion is to be favored or disfavored by actions of the government.

    • Makes sense from a certain point of view, but say you’re a Marine (or in the Army, or a Sailor like my son-in-law), and you really want that Bible that has the Marine Corps (whichever) logo on it, because everything you have and everything you own has the logo of the “Corps” (your) logo on it. If you don’t like it, you don’t buy it. It’s not an endorsement in any fashion really. It’s more about freedom of expression. I mean, if it had Mickey Mouse on it – nobody would object, right? So what’s the difference in having any particular logo on it? There’s no “Copyright” on using those logos, unless you’re an imposter or a spy!

  2. The DOD does have control over the use of their logos, that is why you do not see “Marine” Gin, the services do care how their symbols get associated with commercial products. Only in the case of mixing government and religion does the question of the 1st Amendment come into play. If your son-in-law can buy a Bible with a Navy logy, I should be able to buy an “Airman’s Athame, Wand and Chalice Set” for my religious use. Lacking non-discrimination, strict neutrality is the only other option. Sometimes being fair means sometimes you don’t get what you might like.

  3. There are millions of cups, hats, t-shirts, jackets, even boots (I’m wearing a pair right now) with military logos on them. Not to mention jewelry, almost anything imaginable. Nobody ever has a problem with it until it’s a Bible. I tell you, it’s no different than anything else. It’s just a book from a non-Christian point of view. I love the fact you used the key buzz-word of the modern liberal left: “Non-discrimination.” Do you realize that to not discriminate (think) you have to give up reason? I highly recommend the article called “Regurgitating the Apple, How the Modern Liberal Thinks” by Evan Sayet. It’s simply marvelous!


    The video is also available at the YouTube:

    He can show you, step by step, what it truly means to follow the “Non-discriminating” (not thinking) left. I was simply blown away by what he revealed. He’s Jewish, a “9/13 Conservative” by his own admission, having lived his entire life as a liberal up to 9/11. In the days and weeks following 9/11, he saw liberal America turn – on itself – and start to blame AMERICA for 9/11! That was the key point in his life, he says, where he started to think. The first time you think he says, is the last time you’re a liberal.

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