Crossing the Line

So I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that we’ve crossed some sort of invisible line and that the conflict in the Middle-east is going to continue to get worse and that more and more people, countries and resources are going to be drawn into it.  My reasons are simple:  First, we elected a “Rookie” President who has no real experience in anything except organizing socialist community organizations.  His amateur standing on the world political scene, gave just the right impetus to all the radical Islamic organizations and governments to try and destabilize the Middle-east and to finally overthrow Israel.

So, am I worried?  Yes, and no.  I have no fear for Israel – per se – the Lord will protect them.  I feel quite strongly that the events of the last couple centuries, starting with the Industrial Revolution, and including the rise of antisemitism and its subsequent results, have driven the Israelite tribes back to Israel.  We are quickly approaching the end of the end times. It should (in turn) be obvious to anyone who reads the Bible what is happening:  The Lord is preparing the Israelites for the end as well.  So, great for Israel.  What does that say about the rest of us?  In short, I have no idea.  I think the decline in America is not temporary though.  I think the fellow we elected to run our country was chosen precisely because he would make all those mistakes (chosen by God) and that he would usher in the end (and quickly!).

With the return of the Jews to their homeland in 1947 (and earlier), we entered the era where the end could literally come at any time (according to most Bible scholars and students of the Bible over the past 150 or so years).  You must remember that prior to about 150 years ago, most Christians simply dismissed the book of Revelation as non-sense, literally not comprehensible.  But, following the Dreyfus Affair in France (roughly 1892-1902), and the results of much antisemitism prior to that (and after!) the Jewish people realized that they must get together again and figure out their own solutions to their own problems.  This culminated in the First Zionist Congress in 1897.  World events moved quickly following that event, as we can testify, barely 50 years later, and following the most brutal and sadistic war(s) in all of human history, the State of Israel was re-established in its ancient homeland of the Land of Canaan.

All that to say, that the world is now set (by God as most of us Christians would testify) for the end to come soon.  The end will be characterized by a rise in lawlessness, an exponential increase if you want to call it that!  I have written many articles describing how the Internet has been the breeding ground for such exponential increases in lawlessness.  The lawlessness has spread and is now consuming entire nations:  E.g., Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Greece and Spain.  It’s difficult to argue that the fall of modern Socialism fits with the other destructive influences we are witnessing in the Middle-east, but the effects are all the same:  Loss of confidence in society itself, destruction of values and morals, increasing hopelessness and so on.  The stage is now set for the rise of the Antichrist.

The so-called “Spirit of Antichrist” has been with us all through history, since at least the first murder (Cain slew his brother Abel).  Sin represents (in the broadest sense) the notion that all men are capable of wrong behavior, and therefore the Lord uses whom He will use to effect the outcomes He desires.  Clearly, the Bible tells us, He desires to save as many as possible from the coming doom (Hell), therefore His patience is extreme.  He sent His son to show us the way to Heaven (to live with Him forever) and He left His church behind as the vehicle for salvation for the masses.  The Jews, after having fulfilled their role as forebears of “Messiah” have been promised a special place (and a special role) in this new world order that we call Heaven.

Don’t get me wrong, Heaven is a real place, but spiritual.  We will have real bodies the Bible tells us, but they will be resurrected (spiritual, but physical as well) bodies, and will no longer be subject to the ravages of sin and time (decay and decrepitude).   We will be perfect, in a sense, knowing what God knows, because we will share communion and fellowship as Adam and Eve did in the Garden of Eden prior to the Fall.  What a time that will be!

I’ve written in the past about how we can at least understand that much about God, and that we can have confidence in what the Bible tells us if we are willing to open our minds to the notion that what we see, what we sense around is – is truly not all there is.  Reality is something so much more than our senses can tell us!  The spirit world is real, and it exists all around us, and in fact, if we are Born again believers, then the Kingdom of God is within us.  Believers in Christ have become “Spirit beings” albeit infant ones.  That started us on a path towards Heaven, however, and our enemy would like nothing better than for us to sound like kooks or weirdos or whackos.

Indeed, many years ago, I admit that the notion of a Jesus Freak telling me these things probably would have weirded me out.  I would not have believed it any more than the average reader here will believe it.  But, it’s true.  I recently read an article in Science Magazine about the 8 great unsolved mysteries of Space / Astronomy that they predict will be the most difficult to solve.  Those mysteries are actually trivial matters when one has belief in Jesus Christ and the Bible.  You see because in the world where you take God out of the picture, then you must assume randomness for the reason of all things, and that leads one to formulate wrong conclusions about the way things are made.

When you assume that God, on the other hand, is the source of all knowledge, principles and laws, then you start to realize that the Universe functions according to some very rigid principles that were set up precisely to allow us to be here and be made in God’s image.  That’s a very simplistic way of saying that the way things are is because they were designed that way – by our infinite creator – God.  We always assume (some humans do anyhow), and quite wrongly, that because we are finite and cannot grasp the true size and scope and dimensions of the Universe (nor all its inner workings and principles), that there is no being capable of doing so.  Wrong!  Nothing could be further from the truth!

God exists, and He is outside our space-time-matter Universe, and is therefore able to act on it (He does but very gently) and He was also able to enter it at precisely the correct moment in order to effect just the right prompting for us to be more like Him (Jesus’ birth).  He could and He did both enter His domain (our reality, which He created) and He made just the right adjustments in it that would afford us the opportunity to live someday in His domain (what we call Heaven).

So, what is Heaven really like?  Gads, the Bible’s descriptions are totally inadequate, but I’m satisfied to know that I’ll see it someday.  I no longer worry about it.  Now I’ve really gone a long ways around to explain that the end is coming quick!  All the pieces are in place in our reality, our Universe.  The great lie, the “Great Deception” is rampant among us (God is dead!).  Lawlessness is at an exponential all-time high with the advent of the Internet and electronic “Cyberspace.”  Criminals can and do defraud folks all the time, and modern Liberal thinking has determined that anything good and right can only have been determined to be so by discriminating against some other belief, and is therefore wrong.  Thank you Evan Sayet for that insight!

We have forever crossed the line (of demarcation).  The old is going to now quickly pass away, and the new will be ushered in soon.  The conflagrations in the Middle-east will only intensify, as will the protests in our own country, and in Europe as well as they will start to erupt world-wide very soon.  The world’s system is collapsing, there is little hope of saving it, after all, it’s built on man’s best wisdom, and not God’s.  God’s system is the Church, no other.  He’s not interested in economic systems, or political systems or any other thing on this earth.  He’s only ever been concerned with our believing in Him and His son.  If we believe, if we know who He is, then we will love Him for who He is and what He’s done, and we will naturally want to obey Him so we can be with Him forever.  It’s a natural progression that proceeds from the touch of His loving hand on your life.

I pity those who will be left behind, left out.  There is not much time people.  Look up!  Look within.  Ask yourself,  could it really be possible?  Could Jesus really be real?  Could He be the Savior of the World?  I pray you find Him today, and that you surrender to Him and let Him be in charge of your life.  Then, only then, will the veil be lifted and will you be able to truly see this world for what it is and how it is consuming itself in one final struggle.


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