Election Day!

Hey all!  It’s the big day out here in CA, and in Wisconsin where Gov. Walker and Lieut. Gov. Kleefisch are facing a recall election.  Here in CA the stakes are high.  We face an unprecedented set of challenges as we seek to elect good conservatives who will not only restore a sense of fiscal sanity to Sacramento, but also bring some light to bear on the corrupt and downright illegal practices we hear are happening up there.

Gov. Walker in Wisconsin is taking a lot of heat for his hard-line stance on unions and their corrupt practices.  The public sector unions have nearly bankrupt many of our major cities and states, and they are seeking now to have Gov. Walker recalled because he has acted with a rational sense of duty and responsibility in order to try and save his state.  We face exactly the same problem in a fiscal sense here in CA so we are all waiting with great anticipation, praying that Gov. Walker will achieve victory against the forces of the union zealots.  The unions are large, they have lots of money, they are very vocal and militant in their cause, and they use the force and intimidation of many police forces (since many police are also union members) to carry out their tactics.  How else could they carry out all their “Occupy” rallies in this past year if the police weren’t on their side?

All of the “Occupy” rallies were patently illegal, they had no permits, they carried out militant protests with many displays of public anarchy, indecency and inappropriate behavior.  At the same time, the liberals have won victory after victory from the courts barring pro-life demonstrators from being on the same block as abortion clinics.  Tea-Party rallies have been forced to purchase expensive permits and have “Insurance” against … what I’m not even sure.  Things have indeed been taken to the extreme in this election, and this is only just nearing the end of the primary season!  The General Election is still to come in November!

Cheryl and I have talked with folks wherever we go.  We are constantly praying for and promoting our candidate Craig Huey to everyone we meet.  We’ve handed out signs, flyers, attended rallies, spoken up in the public forums and social media, we’ve donated money for his campaign, we will continue to pray this entire day that the democrats do not get their precious 2/3 majority in the State Assembly as they already have in the State Senate here in CA.  What did Gov. Moonbeam (Brown) do after he got into office – in his first 6 months he passed nearly 800 spending bills!  All the time complaining we are broke and that we need to start laying off teachers and such in order to balance the budget!  It’s just insanity!  They speak out one side of their mouths in public, while in private continuing to do business as usual, supporting every whim and pleasing the public sector unions that are going to bankrupt and sink our state.  It’s enough to make one ill…

Lord, help us!  Without Your help – we are sunk!  Jesus, in Your name we pray!  We put it all in your capable and trustworthy hands.  Amen.


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