Why World View Matters

As we approach the primary here in California, in what may be the ultimate clash of the titans, I thought I better take a quick moment and explain to you (in 200 words or less) why “World View” matters.  So, here you go.

In a world where God, the creator and all powerful, all knowing, all seeing being that He is, has been removed from the center of all things, what you are left with is a “Human centered” universe.  And, as Chuck Colson always said, in a world where man alone dictates what is “Moral” and what is not, it will always, unfortunately, be the case that whomever has the most violent argument wins.  In other words, the “Strong” will dictate morality to everyone else.

As we can see from our society, this is just the case today, where we have small violent and vocal groups dictating policy to the rest of us.  With God at the center, and this is not meant to be a slur on anyone’s faith, or any kind of bigotry or intolerance, but when God dictates what is right and wrong, make that Right and Wrong, then there can be no question about morality.  That, succinctly put is why all belief systems are not equal.  Only one belief system (the Judeo-Christian World View) is based on a true system of morality dictated by a Creator God.  All other systems are devised by men and are “Religion.”

Christianity is not a Religion, it is a World View where a Creator God sought to have relationship with His creation by means of extending Himself into our universe, first in the Garden, then through relationship with Moses, then finally, through His Son Jesus Christ.  It’s all written down in a nice neat little book called the Bible, it’s all there in black and white, no denying why He wrote it all down for us either – to make it perfectly clear.

Sorry, I went over 200 words.  But this is extremely important stuff to understand!

May God bless you this day and help you understand this (it took me 35 years to “Get it”).


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