Gay Marriage? Are You Kidding?

First and foremost, you must believe that I love and respect my fellow man as much as anyone.  I’m not being “Racist” or “Bigoted” or any kind of “Insensitive” when I say that “Gay” Marriage is wrong and an abomination to God.  Our Heavenly Father created Marriage as the first institution in the Bible, in the Garden of Eden.  All the rest of God’s Creation was “Good” but God said “It is not good for the man to be alone.”  So, He created a suitable helper for man – that was Eve, the first woman.

Let’s get it straight, our first job in the garden was shepherding, taking care of God’s creation.  We couldn’t do it alone, so God created woman, then He instituted marriage for us and then the Bible says:  “That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh. ”  It’s part of the order of creation in other words.  God designed marriage so that we would have all we needed to be whole and holy – like He is.

After the fall, in the Garden, all kinds of corruption came into the Creation, including of course sin.  Understand that all sin is rebellion against God.  It is wanting to do it “Your own way.”  God will not prevent anyone from doing it how they want to, but we all have to understand, there are consequences, especially eternal consequences.  If you thumb your nose at God, and refuse His offer of salvation (in the person of Jesus Christ and his atoning work on the Cross at Calvary) then you will be in Hell for all eternity.

So, is “Gay” marriage a sin that will wind one up in Hell?  As in all things, it depends.  Sin is sin as we like to say in Christian circles, but when a government chooses to ignore the Word of God (the Bible) they do so at their peril.  Announcing corporate support for a sin that violates God’s laws, his institutions and his standards for our lives and for us as humans on this earth is wrong.  You have to put it in perspective, is gay marriage any worse than abortion?  No, of course not.  Is it any worse than murder?  Or adultery?  No, but is the State’s support of it good for us as humans?  Or as a civilization?  Now there, you must say no, because as soon as we throw out God’s laws for how we are to live and how we are to be as a people, then you’ve said that “We humans know better!”  And that is sin (Rebellion against God) at the highest levels!

Us Christians believe the Lord can no longer bless our nation because of the sin of abortion, and now we add gay marriage on top of that, so we have slid further down the slope of government sponsored sin in God’s eyes.  It’s a very slippery slope, and we’re probably on a fast track towards, well, who can say what?  Will judgement come on our nation?  All I know is that God will not be mocked!  We are in trouble, that’s all I can say for sure.  Our President bows to the wishes of the ultra-liberal left and he decides to get a few votes in his pocket by engaging in a policy of appeasement of their radical agenda (that’s politics for ya!).  What we know from history is that appeasement never works either.  When you offer sacrifices to a beast (human appetites of corruption, lust and sexual depravity), eventually – lookout!  That monster will consume you!

Warning to the wise.  Do not compromise on this issue!  Gay marriage is sin, and government support of it is wrong.  I refer you to some of my earlier articles on why being “Gay” in general is wrong:

I also refer you to Kirk Cameron’s comments he made during a Piers Morgan interview on CNN recently where he said he believes being gay is unnatural.  Of course it is, how could being gay improve your species’ chances of survival (if you believe in evolution which I do not)?  And yet, gay people run around all the time telling us “It’s genetic!”  According to God, it’s wrong, and according to the so-called “Laws” of nature (evolution) it’s wrong, so how on earth could it possibly be genetic?

They’re copping out because they just don’t want to be responsible for having made the decision (or not making a decision _NOT_ to be gay!) to become gay in the first place!  It’s bohemianism taken to the extreme.  I like sex, you like sex, let’s have sex together and forget about all the consequences of anything, let’s just thumb our noses at God, at Charles Darwin, at our parents, at everyone!  Goodness, people, get a grip!  We can pretend we’re in love, so we can call everyone else jerks for not condoning our behavior!  Standing in the garage doesn’t make you a Cadillac, and calling it “Love” doesn’t make it so.

Love is what Jesus did on the Cross for us at Calvary.  End of discussion.


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