October Baby – Review

My review, posted on Internet Movie DataBase today:


Fabulous! Heartbreaking, healing., 16 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It’s very sad that when a group decides to take on the number one most divisive issue in our culture, that they get ripped by some reviewers for no reason at all. The acting: superb. The story line, based on true events. The drama: Heart-touching, inspiring, more emotional than most of us males feel comfortable with, but with a touch of the “Kendrick brothers whimsy” to make us smile on occasion, and even laugh out loud.

Abortion – there is no way around it, you are either for it or against it. There is no middle ground on this issue. Many claim to be neutral, but there is no such thing when it comes to this issue, either you believe the lie and you call it “Choice” or “Convenience” or you believe the Bible, and you call it murder. Very clear, no room for maneuver on that one.

This movie puts it in your face, it’s undeniable in fact, that the movie presents a subject so clearly that those who are uncomfortable with it will go write a negative review simply because otherwise their whole life would be a lie, based on a false belief that condemns them, makes their hearts sick, and worse, would make them murderers.

I am a murderer. I had a girlfriend who had an abortion, I drove her to the clinic. I paid for the abortion. The movie hit me in the heart too, but I was able to take away the healing and the cleansing touch offered by Jesus Christ. His blood paid for my sin. The movie for me was therefore very real. And not just because of the subject matter. You can tell from the actors that they are not acting much of the time, it was real for them too. At the end, the woman who plays Hannah’s birth mother tells about her abortion, and how the healing happened right there – on film!

Make no mistake, this film is real, and the acting is for the most part, not acting. You will be either shaken to the core and made to feel more uncomfortable than you’ve ever been by any movie, or you will walk away with a renewed love for our Savior Jesus Christ and His unending love for us. This movie also gives us a new tool in the fight against the lie of “Choice.” How many millions have been sacrificed on the altar of choice? On the altar of convenience?

If you’re seeking solace from the guilt of an abortion, even many years ago, then go to this movie. It will break your heart, but then you will come away feeling the healing and the love that are possible in no other way than from the power of Jesus Christ.


2 thoughts on “October Baby – Review

  1. Abortion – there is no way around it, you are either for it or against it. There is no middle ground on this issue.

    This is simply untrue, and I’m living proof. I am for unfettered access to abortion in the first trimester. I am against abortion in the third trimester.

    FYI only. The issue isn’t nearly as black & white as advocates on either side make it out to be.

    • It’s pretty clear to us Christians! =) We believe what the Bible says in Psalm 139, that God knit us together in our mother’s womb, and that all our days were ordained for us before we ever came into this world. That speaks of destiny, and I realize that’s a hard concept for those who do not believe as I do. God isn’t some “Cosmic Chessmaster” waiting up there predicting our every move. We have free will of a sort, most Christians, especially Evangelicals would call it more of “Free Choice.” Our choice, in terms of what we believe, determines our destiny. Those who choose Christ, and follow Him, are choosing the way of ever-lasting life, and indeed more abundant life (for the most part) even in this life. The other choice, and there really are only two on this issue, is to not choose Christ and suffer the consequences. What amazes me today is that folks can walk around so sure there is no God, and that I used to be just like them! Today, my assurance is nearly total, nearly complete. I say nearly because there’s always some doubt that creeps in every once in a while, and we have to deal with that. Going back to my Bible always brings back my assurance, as the Lord will speak to me each and every day through His word and bring me back to that place of assurance, of confidence, in His word, in what He told us would happen, and is happening right now. This generation is evil and adulterous, and yet, there have been many before just like ours. The pride and arrogance of the Roman people led to their downfall, as much as it led to the downfall of most empires before and since.

      I wrote a response to a recent article in the LA Times that said “Thinking Can Undermine Religious Faith” or some such silly statement. I guarantee you I am a thinker and that my thinking actually helps my faith. Most Evangelical Christians will argue that religion, or “Religion” has nothing to do with our faith, and that’s entirely what Jesus found when He was here. Those who were “Religious” wanted to do it their own way, and not God’s way. They really were no different from most Atheists and agnostics today, both here in the USA and in Europe. The odd thing is that in places where they have nothing, Africa, Asia, Christianity takes off and is in fact growing today like wildfire! When the church suffers persecution, it grows the fastest. Nobody has quite figured out why that is. We think it’s because of the way that Christians, true followers of Jesus Christ, treat one another. From the time of the First Century onwards, even in the middle of Nero’s cruelest tortures, Christianity has grown and flourished. Thus, the spread of the church was enabled not just by ideas, but by love, real and genuine brotherly love. A “Love” that passes all understanding if you want to call it that. There’s your real motivator for why Christians spread the Gospel. We love you, and all others who are not saved, and we risk both ridicule and persecution in order to bring you the message. We look like fools (to you) so that you might be saved and have what we have. The free gift of eternal life is available to all. The choice is simple. Believe, or not.

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