Politics In Motion

Cheryl and I attended the Los Angeles County Endorsing Convention of the California Republican Assembly (CRA) yesterday.  It was a blast and a real privilege!  We were pleased to meet so many fine folks who want to be involved in this process.  Many, like us, had never dreamed of being involved in politics until the advent of our latest President and his Socialist agendas that is.  It was very encouraging to get together with these people and not only hash out issues, and talk about our platform and our values, but to get to hear from actual candidates, Judges, District Attorneys, State Senator and Assemblyman candidates, all of them willing to share their time and commit to wanting to make real change not only in our state of California, but in our nation.

We had a bit of a rocky start, there was some question as to the eligibility of delegates, and there were challenges, but all was settled rather quickly, and everyone was heard in the process as we moved forward to the actual endorsing caucuses.  A “Straw poll” ballot (secret, vote by card) was taken to determine roughly who our Presidential candidate would be as well:  Mitt Romney, no surprise.  He wont with roughly a 49% share, while Santorum had about 35% and Gingrich and Paul each had about 12% I think it was.  Those are strictly unofficial numbers, and I’m going only off my own recollection of what the counts were, so please don’t quote me on that!

Our highlight, as usual, was hearing from Craig Huey.  We heard him speak several times during the convention, and his web sites were pulled up and quoted during the process also so that we could figure out who we should be endorsing for the Judges positions.  Craig publishes a couple of voter guides each election, the first is ElectionForum.org, and the other is the JudgeVoterGuide.com web site.  Both are excellent, offering opinions based on our Republican platform values, as to which candidates will support those platform issues.  Craig also spoke briefly during our caucus to inform us about his campaign and his desire for real change here in our state of California, and in our nation.  We are always impressed by this humble man, who, like us, 3 years ago never dreamed he’d be so involved in politics, even though he had been producing his voter guides for nearly the past 20 years as a service to the Republicans in California.

We find ourselves at a crossroads it seems.  Our people, our country, our state is facing unprecedented crises, due to uncontrolled spending, and out-of-control socialist agendas.  Liberty, freedom, the Republic and ultimately democracy itself appear to hang in the balance.  Will we as a people give in to the forces that would seek to dominate us and dictate to us how we should live every aspect of our lives?  Will we let them tax the middle class out of existence and will we allow them to drive the wealthy out of our country to off-shore havens where they can be sheltered from spiraling tax burdens?  Will we let divisive entitlement programs that masquerade as help programs foster dependency amongst and enslave the poor?  Or, will we stop wasteful Government spending and shut down these entitlement programs so we can save money and put it back in people’s pockets so they can engage in Capitalism and create jobs and opportunity for themselves?

We were also privileged to meet Colonel John Fer, a former Hanoi Hilton resident, a contemporary of Senator John McCain.  Cheryl and he hit it off like nobody’s business.  And when he found out that she was an Air Force Veteran they suddenly lapsed into a conversation filled with jargon and acronyms from the old days of the Strategic Air Command days, when being in the military meant something to people.  It meant (still does mean to us of course) that you cared enough about your country to sacrifice your time, your resources, your life if necessary, for the cause of freedom, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Government has gotten in the way of all that in recent years.  We feel that is more true now than it was just a few years ago.  We are literally fighting forces of darkness who would see us all enslaved to some “Ruling class” (the progressives) who with their Ivy League degrees think (from their humanist viewpoint of course) they are better than the rest of us and have the “Right” to determine how we should be governed.

It’s all been tried before, we called it Communism, and it stinks!  Those of us in America who care, we’re fighting back!  We’re going to use the system to take our country back, piece by piece, state by state, community by community, block by block if necessary.  We will fight in the American hearts for the opinions that matter so much.  God, country, family, these are our values.  We believe right is right and wrong is wrong.  We believe that man is made in the image of God, and that determines who we are.  Our faith, our world view, that defines just about everything for us.  We call it a “Judeo-Christian world view” and it is central to the doctrines and covenants upon which our nation was founded.  We will fight to get back to that as much as we can.

And, we will do it all within the system, because in the end, it’s not the system that is broken, only a few warped individuals who have seen how to advertise and present their distorted message to the masses and to bribe them with entitlements so that they think they are getting a “Better deal.”  I have news for you, in the end, there is no lottery.  You don’t win anything when the government gives you something for free.  All you get is hooked on government handouts.  It doesn’t work, and never has worked, except perhaps very exceptional cases such as FDR’s CCC and other programs during the 1930’s, but those were work programs and not just handouts.  Those folks worked for what they got, so it’s not a true apples-apples comparison.

So, for all you liberal minded folks out there who may be reading this right now, I have news for you:  We’re BACK!  The Conservative Republicans (and some Conservative Democrats, can you believe it?) are coming down your street!  We know where you live!  We’re gonna win BIG in 2012!  OMG!  (President Obama Must Go – 2012!)


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