Kony 2012

Hmmm….  This is one for the discussion boards – for sure!  I watched the video today, it had amassed 65M hits so far on YouTube, that’s in just 5 days I think, pretty amazing.  Now, as far as the philosophy goes, I don’t know that I have much of an opinion yet.  I know that God was not mentioned in the entire video though.  I think that “Wish fulfillment” might come closer to the reality of what they’re presenting.  That borders on the mystical / magical aspect of “If I want it bad enough it will happen” or sympathetic magic.

OK, so I’m skeptical.  I see several possible scenarios happening from here:  1.) Kony gets captured in 2012, our President takes the credit since he’s the one who gave them the troops and impetus to “Go get this guy” and everybody drools; 2.) Kony doesn’t get captured, and the blame gets passed around, and the world falls apart because even the Internet cannot save us; 3.) Somewhere in between.  That’s as far as I’ve thought it through I’m afraid.  We talked about it a lot today in a small group at church, but I was the only person who’d seen it yet, and it’s definitely what I’d call a worldly viewpoint.  The fact that they’re willing to turn to “Mass media” for appeal and “Marketing” tells me that God is completely out as an answer, even though Christians have been doing what they can in Africa for the past 30 or so years fighting AIDS, warlords, tyrants, dictators, thieves, muslims and each other.

Christians have been there much longer than that for sure, but Africa didn’t become a total battleground until after the breakup of the Soviet Union when weapons on the open market became readily available to anybody with the cash.  Africa, we weep for Africa.  Our hearts are sad for Africa.  I’ve heard it said in movies “Nobody cares about Africa.”  In a sense, it’s true, since what they’re saying in the docu-video is true that nobody will lift a finger unless national security or financial assets are threatened.  Heck, oil companies went to Africa to drill for oil because it’s so cheap and easy to get over there, no OSHA, no EPA, no regulations, just buy a few politicians and you can drill anywhere, make a mess anywhere and not clean it up, who cares?  Who’s going to know?

The same was true of the rubber industry back in the early 20th Century when King Leopold sent his armies to terrorize the natives into going out to the jungles to fetch rubber for making automobile tires.  But Solomon was also right, there is nothing new under the sun, and man will always try to lord it over other men.  As long as we are on this earth, the bullies will always be trying to assert their will over the weaker folk, the simple folk.  Those who just want to live and be left alone will never have peace this side of Heaven.  There will always be a Hitler, an Idi Amin, a Qadaffi, those types will always be around.  There’s one in Iran now too, what’s his name, Akmadenijad?  The guy’s a looney, but just liable to start a war that ends in a massive conflagration.  The Bible tells us that one is coming anyhow.  If it came tomorrow, no Christian would be surprised that’s for sure!


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