Goodbye Claudia


I wrote this last year when a friend whom I went to kindergarten with passed away.  Claudia Petroni (Downs) had cancer.  She died July 31, 2011.  I didn’t see her much after school, but she was best friends, life-long friends with my sister-in-law, Dee Robinett (Bubenas).  We live in an ever-shrinking world, and we are all interconnected.  In the spirit that we will follow Claudia some day, I wrote this.

Goodbye – Claudia

I looked into the infinite emptiness and what did I see?

I saw something bright, a light – a friend, can it be?

Someone to comfort, someone to mend,

this broken heart of mine, healing he sends.

I had wandered and wandered in the blackness,

but no longer alone, I wasn’t afraid.

I thought to myself, with a friend by my side,

I looked back to see the difference I made.

Those who stayed behind, I missed them sore,

but I wasn’t too worried, my friend gave me more –

reasons to be happy and joyous just now,

the suffering is over, there’s beauty and how!

The blackness gave way, changing to light,

I was thankful because I wanted no more night.

My guide led me onward, as out of a dream,

I kept going upward, towards heaven it seemed.

And then there they were, more friends than I knew,

So many reached out to me, I felt like I flew!

Across the great darkness and into their arms,

finally at home, free at least from any more harm.

When I looked back at the darkness, it was hard to see

There is no more night now with light all around me.

So one thing I’ll leave you, with love do I send,

When you get here remember you’ll see me again.

For Claudia Downs Petroni, 1959 – 2011, mother, daughter, sister, friend, we miss you!


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