The Dream

Nathan Mintz is running for California State Assembly District 66


Nathan’s pitch last night to the South Bay California Republican Assembly was fantastic.  I join with my wife in applauding him sincerely and saying that his wife would be proud of him.  I was so moved that I woke up early this morning with this dream.

The “Dream.”

These two good friends of mine came up with a great idea for cheap organic Cat Food.  They did a study, had a large manufacturer make some marketing samples for them, and found suitable production facilities available cheap right here in Southern California (like $0.10 on the $dollar cheap!).  They even hired a firm to help them pitch their idea to a group of Venture Capital investors.

This is all pretty standard stuff.  But, it came to the day of the pitch and they didn’t want me there.  They even hired someone to keep me out of there.  Here’s why:  I showed up, in my typical jeans & T-shirt, and for whatever reason I had my back pack filled with my camping gear (remember this was a dream, I didn’t say it would all make sense!).  So I listened to the pitch and then I kept trying to ask them a question after the pitch, but they wouldn’t let me, and they had the guy they hired throw me out.

I kept trying to get back in there and finally when they were about to break and end it I ran back in another door and shouted until they recognized me so I could ask my question.  Now remember these were supposed to be friends of mine, so I started by saying that their idea was good and sound and they even get the production facilities cheap like they said.  But, they would wind up broke in 12-18 months because in California’s runaway government bureaucracy they would wind up throwing good money after bad and the regulators would just keep nickel and diming them to death for fee after fee and environmental impact studies or variances and they would never even start production here.

I told them they ought to pack up and move to Texas and they’d be in production in 6 months, and in spite of higher initial costs for acquiring and setting up their production facility, they’d be profitable within that same 12-18 month period.  Labor would cost less in Texas overall too I told them because of less government regulation and taxation.  I ended by comparing their slick packaging for their product to my backpack and camping gear and then asked that they mail my $50k consulting fee to me at my new address in Texas in the mountains.

Hey – I said it was a dream didn’t I?

The bottom line is this:  The dream is right on from the standpoint that California is strangling business.  Nathan made a great impassioned plea for some “Fix it” type solutions up there in Sacramento, but the unavoidable nagging feeling that woke me up last night was that it was still like taking pruning shears after a Gorilla.  You might clip some hair off to begin with, but eventually the Gorilla gets annoyed and you wind up being the one in the cage.  What we need in Sacramento is not a gardener (or a barber), but a Gorilla Killer!  We need Craig Huey!

With Craig’s background in business, his expertise in marketing and bringing truth to bear on elections and processes, we can rely on him to get up there and give us the inside scoop on what’s going on in Sacramento.  Craig will bring to light their lies, the corruption, the deceit and the outright mis-management that this state is suffering under.  Craig’s ideas are not to get some stop-gap measures in place, but to rebuild our State Government from the ground up!  We need reform!  We need real positive change, and most of all we need people up there who won’t try to get along with the system but will try to rebuild the broken system.

I say again, we need a “Gorilla Killa!”

That man is Craig Huey.


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