It’s All the Government’s Fault

I was walking this morning and thinking how ridiculous it sounds sometimes when “Scientists” try to relate seemingly unrelated things together in hopes of finding a correlation.  There’s the now famous attempt to blame global warming on human activity.  It’s so silly to me to try to make that correlation when humans have been around (whether you believe the Bible or not) in numbers for far less than 10,000 years, and probably only around 6,000 as the Bible tells us.  Human activity on the other hand, the destructive type that is claimed to be the “Cause” of global warming has only really been common for the past 300 or so years, coinciding with the Industrial Revolution.

What’s my point you ask?  Well, I thought here’s a great example.  We could probably find a correlation between obesity and government spending.  So, I looked up a couple quick charts for you:

That chart shows that government spending really took off about 1932 (blame FDR and the “New Deal” for that!).  Next, we have obesity which we apparently only have figures going back to the 1970’s:

So, now you see that obesity rates are increasing in all these years during which government spending has been increasing.  Therefore, increased government spending causes obesity.  How’s that for a “Scientific” conclusion?

Please, realize that I’m being quite “Tongue-in-cheek” here and that I really don’t think there’s any kind of correlation between government spending and obesity.  But who knows?  I did this exercise merely to prove how silly some of our modern science sounds.  What I really want to prove is how ridiculous it sounds when we talk about a mere 300 years of history influencing global climate which we already know to be variable.  Climate changes are real and easily seen in geologic records.  There are records of disasters all over the place including many places I’ve been to.  I’ve related in previous posts how I’ve seen evidence of sea-level on rocks near the top of the Grand Canyon, I’ve seen Mt. St. Helens where enough land mass was displaced in 48hrs to fill the Grand Canyon, I’ve seen sea-shells in mountain streams way up high in the mountains.

And yet, on this planet that is over 70% water, “Scientists” tell us there is no possible way there could have ever been a world-wide “Global” flood.  These same scientists mind you tell us that Mars, which is less than 1% water, was definitely at one time covered in water.  It’s just sad isn’t it?  They are supposed to be able to think these “Scientists” and yet they are blinded by their own preconceptions and prejudices and they look for answers to prove those ideas rather than seeking out facts.  Once I started reading the Bible, at least after the Lord opened my eyes and made me able to understand the Bible, I realized what a fool I’d been all my life.  I was “Saved” at the age of 35 you see.  I spent all those years prior to that time believing in useless theories and fallacious arguments.  Now I know better.  Now I can think clearly.  Now, I have truth.

Not that any of that makes me a better person, it just gives me a better understanding of the world around me.  Christians are not better than those others who are out there in the world.  But, the Lord does call us to be culture changers.  He tells us to get out there and live our values.  It’s tough in this world, with so much sin around us.  We are drawn in all the time and Christians inevitably sin also.  Like me, my wife tells me she thinks I was born with my foot in my mouth.  I say stupid things all the time.  My mouth is probably my number one problem, but it grows from pride and arrogance deep inside me, and that comes from my heritage of being raised a Californian, in the most liberal place on earth practically, and with liberal parents.  It’s not their fault either though, I’m not blaming them for my problems, I’m just saying we are all products of our up-bringing, our environment, and our genes.

Sin is in our genes as the Bible tells us.  How it plays out in our lives is determined by the environment as much as that tendency for us to want to be “Like God.”  The only cure is to repent, daily for us Christians, turn to the Lord, apologize and ask forgiveness for our sin, and ask Him to help us this day with our daily needs and our sin problem.  We go on.  We simply admit our failures and go on trying to learn from them.  I hope this helps somebody today.  I pray the Lord helps open your heart to your issues and that you can admit to Him that you need Him.


4 thoughts on “It’s All the Government’s Fault

  1. But increased gov’t spending and increased “gross” weight of US citizens are both the results of increased wealth – good economy = fatter citizens and more gov’t spending. There is an apt correlation there and causally correlated too. There is also a correlation between lack of education and strong religious beliefs, i.e., ignorance breeds ignorant behaviors. Trying to understand things that you have never studied and instead studying things you will never experience just make for frustration and ignorant posts like the above. Go back to high school and maybe you will learn about some science that you didn’t on the first go around. Best luck!

    • All viewpoints are welcome here. Thanks for chiming in. I never said this was realistic, it’s mainly just kind of a poke at attempts by numerous folks out there to correlate unrelated things. Take a look at the Gay Rats post, that’s a really great example of running an experiment and coming to a completely wrong conclusion, in my opinion at least. The fact that there is more than one conclusion to most sets of data and analysis though leads one to conclude that we need more debate in the public square.

      Communication skills are sadly lacking these days in most folks. It appears that the impersonal nature of the Internet has led to an decreased level of civility. Everyone curses and swears and engages in name-calling on that we used to call “Flame wars”. Any discussion leads to nastiness in no time. My personal opinion there is that we must reign in that kind of behavior in a hurry so we can get back to honest intellectual debate.

      You might even say that was the point of this particular post: to poke a little fun at that kind of rude discussion. Don’t worry, I never take anything personally. My background is actually quite extensive, having near 10 years of College under my belt, two B.S. Degrees, and work experience as well as research experience. I spent an inordinate amount of time in school actually, for awhile I thought I would be a perpetual student, but then life got real and I had to get a job for a living. A while later I got saved, born again, whatever you want to call it. It was gradually, as my eyes were opened and I started to hear truth that I realized how much of the stuff I learned in school was just plain wrong.

      You have to understand that I am a Scientist, a Computer Scientist, very grounded in Scientific Method, and I actually get annoyed by those who go around using Science as some kind of stick against Christians. The fact there’s no proof of God’s existence is kind of secondary I tell people. You cannot see gravity either, right? But you know it is there, you know it is real, you can see the results of it, and measure it and so on. It’s similar with God. And besides, believing in Evolution, or Stephen Hawking’s Cosmology takes just as much “Faith” (even more actually) than to believe in an intelligent creator.

      Many, many scientists have come to the conclusion that there must be some sort of “Outside agent” in the creation of the Universe. Things just line up too perfectly to be otherwise. If gravity were just 0.0000001% different, or there was 0.000001% more energy in the Universe it would never have happened! It could never have happened! Things are just too amazingly balanced, and the physical laws too perfect. Carl Sagan used to say that the chance of life depended only on a few factors, maybe 10 or so, thus, he calculated that of the billions and billions of stars, about every 1,000th one should have planets that support life. We are learning it’s not at all like that though. It’s more like 400 or so factors that are requirements for life, things like gravity, water (or a fluid that can function as the basis of life) as well as a planet, but there are like 50 or 60 factors for formation of planets alone!

      Not that any of this is new to you or anybody else, it’s just that it needs to be said that life, by its very nature violates the Laws of Thermodynamics, so there must be some other rational explanation for how it came to be. Saying “Poof!” it just happened is pretty silly in fact, but that’s what Evolutionists want us to believe. In fact all the experiments designed to prove life from lifelessness have all failed miserably. I’m not saying it’s wrong, only so unlikely that we may never actually know if it’s possible. Personally, my faith tells me it’s not, and that it actually requires more faith to believe that it is than to believe in an intelligent designer (outside agent). We Christians call that outside agent God of course.

      I love to chat, talk, debate, whatever you call it. I think there should be more honest discussion as I’ve said. I wish it could always be civil and upbeat. It should be. I really enjoyed Robert Fulgham’s book a few years back “All I need to know I learned in Kindergarten” or something like that. We learned to take turns, to be polite, to share and so on. It amazed me that one of the most pitiful examples of humanity was able to state something so incredibly simple (Rodney King) when he said: “Why can’t we all just get along?”

      That’s what I would like to see. I would like to see other scientists who are agnostic (there’s no such thing as an atheist actually, it’s proven now) be civil towards Christians and realize that we’re all in this together trying to figure things out. We’re all just travelers here you know, just passing through. Whether you believe in Heaven or not, our time here is very short.

      Anyhow, God bless you this day. I hope maybe something I’ve said has helped you with your day today!

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