The Rose Parade – 2012

Cheryl and I went with a group of people from our church (Hope Chapel, Hermosa Beach) to the 2012 Rose Parade in Pasadena.  I grew up in Los Angeles, and I’m now 52 years old, but it took me all that time to get to this parade for the very first time!  It was fabulous!  We were with the church group, so we had tracts to hand out and all and we had our friends Lucy and James with us too.  James is in a wheelchair (he has MS) so he and Lucy and Cheryl parked by the Red Cross First Aid station at Colorado Blvd. and Allen St. and just handed tracts out to folks as they went by.  It was a decent location to watch the parade as well, being only about 50′ from the street, maybe even a bit less.  But, Colorado Blvd. is large and wide, and the floats tended to go down the center of the street (obviously) to avoid street lights and traffic signals and such.

We got some beautiful pictures, I’ll post a few here.  Let me get them off my phone….

This was our view of the parade, standing in a little area behind the Red Cross First Aid tent, with a wrecker / tow truck sitting there the entire time (waiting in case he was needed).

I got Cheryl and Lucy to turn around so I could catch them watching the parade.  James is just in front of them, he could see some of it.

Trader Joe’s “Fearless Flyer” float won some kind of award.  It was spectacular, the wheels on it were really on the ground and those were what it was rolling on (at least it looked that way).  You can’t even figure out what all the things are on this float, but you can tell it’s a giant Red Flyer wagon, with a broom for a mast, and a Teddy Bear, and lots of other fun stuff.

We liked this eagle the best (sorry, don’t remember whose float it was).  It appears to be touching the AAMCO sign, like an advertisement, sorry, just our vantage point is all.

The eagle was our favorite float until Cheryl saw this one from some Lutheran organization.  She loved the butterflies and doves.  It was very special for sure!  Talk about Jesus being the reason for the season, add John 3:16 and you’ve got a winner!

But, then I saw this float from Paramount – 100 years of making movies and I got so excited!  It’s the Starship Enterprise!  Made my whole day.

It was just tremendous, I hope everyone gets to go someday, we estimated the crowd to be at least a million folks yesterday, it was such a gorgeous day for a parade.  There were a few who dehydrated it was so warm unfortunately.  We couldn’t believe quite how many people there were along Colorado Blvd.  Not everyone gets there and camps overnight or like that either.  Some did, and they were looking quite bleary – eyed.  We got there about 7a and enjoyed it tremendously.  We could have easily had seats along the boulevard if we had wanted, you didn’t need to camp out overnight.  I hope you all get to be there some time!


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