I’m Knee Deep In Doo Doo Again

Bad bad parody sung to the tune of “I’m back in the saddle again…”

I can’t even believe that we’re dealing with the same plumbing problem we had 3 months ago.  We thought we had it all fixed and that the sewage would never back up again into an apartment building owned by my mother.  This place has just been one problem after another for years, and it’s always the same thing.  I’m finally realizing we got sold a bill of goods on this thing, and that the plumbing is rotten because the plumber is rotten.

If it backs up once, you clear it.  Twice, you clear it and scope it and find out the problem.  Three times and you fire your plumber, that’s my new rule.  We just fired our plumber.  He called me back and reported that he didn’t get the cleanout installed like he said he was going to do, so bye bye!  Old friend or no, been with my mother for years and years, too bad.  This problem should not have been happening this long.  My sister authorized him she says to install the cleanout, and he said he was going to go put it on.

It’s all very technical in plumbing terms, but it’s all very … “Practical” when you’re wading in poop trying to keep your brand new kitchen clean, and you’re having to use a shop-vac to suck up sewage.  *YECH!*

This is not good, and my anger is such that I just had to write down what I was feeling about this.  Cotton-picking mad – that’s what!


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