Letter To Ann Coulter

Dear Ann –

My wife and I attended a talk last night given by Shannon Grove, assemblywoman here in our sadly declining state of California.  The event was a hosted event for Craig Huey, who is also running for State Assembly.  Between them, they represent the last of the social and fiscal conservatives who are willing to go to Sacramento and combat the corruption, cronyism, and the domination of the three awful principles that seem to govern life out here in CA.  Those would be the GLBTQ agenda, the unions, and the environment characterized by stuff like “Agenda21” coming out of the political liberals in WA and their allegiance to some treaty and placing that above the Constitution.  That doesn’t even consider the $500B gorilla in the room that nobody will mention or even bring up to talk about (in Sacramento):  The State Pension Fund time bomb.

We’re in trouble here, no doubt.  But, look what Shannon Grove just did:  She filed a suit demanding that the state legislature be returned to a part-time body, hopefully to reign them in and restore some sanity to this state!

Could you please do some research for one of your excellent articles, or interview this woman and write up your findings?  We all were so disgusted by the outright illegal activities going on in Sacramento that most of us were just sick to our stomachs.  A few had to leave because I think their blood pressure was getting up too high.  Really!  Seriously!  We were just flabbergasted by the level of fantasy going on there in Sacramento!  Like a $92B train  to nowhere!  Like their budgeting process this year!  Like the early felon release program that they got the Sheriff’s departments of all CA counties to vote for – by giving them money to fund their pensions!

It’s just unbelievable.  Too unbelievable.  We need help.  If we’re going to tackle the liberals, we better start by trying to combat them in their strongest bastion.  We better.  Reagan said that we are only a generation away from losing our spiritual heritage.  Last night Shannon Grove told us we’re only an election away (2 seats in the State Assembly are all that are keeping the liberals from having their “supermajority”).

Won’t you please help us?  We need help!  Please.

Thanks so much for your efforts, I appreciate most of what you write.  I’m being honest.  My wife and I are simple fiscal and social conservatives, staunch Jesus freaks if you must know.  And we’re also economic refugees.  We lost most of what we had these past 2 years.  House, condo, stuff that we left behind in Denver when we moved to CA to move in with my 84 year old mother.  But, we are blessed.  We have all we need, we found a great church and we’re getting involved in this mess, because enough is enough!

God bless you.

-Scott deBeaubien
Los Angeles


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