The Three Great Lies


OK, so I started out to write an article today about the “10 Great Lies.”  I floundered around for awhile, and then I stumbled across a blog written by another conservative, unfortunately not a Christian it seems.  But, the lies he had identified were still useful.  Here are those lies:

1. The Promise of Pleasure Without Pain

2. The Promise of Wealth Without Work

3. The Promise of Security Without Sacrifice

Very interesting, no?  He says that these came out of a discussion, and that the origins of the “Great Lies” actually goes back to a joke he heard back in High School.  I won’t go into that now, since it’s a bit crass, and not totally tasteful, you all may have heard it anyway so it’s not a great loss for our discussion here.

In some ways, these lies are related to the Three Laws of Economics that I heard many years ago, while in Business School:

1. Something Is Better Than Nothing (corollary: More is better than less)

2. Sooner Is Better Than Later

3. There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch (TANSTAAFL).

Related, vaguely, mostly the last one I guess.  However, the author of the blog where I found these relates that the lies target directly our basic needs:  Our need for pleasure, our need for material success, and our need for security.  One way or another he says, these lies have worked into our Madison Ave. mentality and Consumerism takes advantage using these to “Hook” us.

Let me break them down a bit more for you.  In a general sense, we know that pleasure seeking, always looking for your next “Fix” is no different from an addiction.  If all you are doing in your life is seeking ways to be “Happy” or to “Feel good” about yourself, then you are more easily enslaved by those who would sell you cheap drugs to keep your pleasure centers titillated.

Second, if you think you can have wealth without working for it, by some magical means perhaps under the Occupy Wall St. mantra of “Redistribution of Wealth” let me give you some advice:  That doesn’t work either.  We already have it and it’s called the Lottery.  How long have we had the Lottery again?  Nearly 30 years in CA now.  Has it “Changed the landscape” of society?  Not hardly.  The Lottery is a poor people’s tax, because rich folks don’t play the Lottery.  They don’t need to.  So who plays?  Poor people who are seduced by the false promise that you can get something for nothing and that “Gambling” pays off.

So – coming into the last lie that we find rampant in our society is the fact that many feel we can be secure and that everybody out there just wants peace.  I only have one piece of advice for you suckers:  You better get a gun and find out how to use it!  This world is quickly headed south, the Middle East is exploding, President Obama called it “Arab Spring” but it will soon become “Hell’s Nightmare.”  Things are going from bad to worse over there, Egypt has already gone through two governments, Libya is not stable yet, Tunisia where things started to erupt has not even settled down to “Business as usual” either.

Why do I write in such a negative fashion?  Because, Bible prophecy predicted all this.  I look around and I find that lawlessness is indeed increasing.  I see governments in the Middle East that know nothing but lies, they are based on a “Religion of lies” and they follow a leader who was a murderer, a liar, a thief, a pedophile and a idol worshiper.  I don’t even have to mention his name, you can figure that part out I hope.  Gads, are those people seduced by a false God or what?

And we think we have it bad over here?  Do you really think the Taliban are bad?  You should look at the Hezbollah, or Hamas, or does anybody remember the PLO?  Yassar Arafat was a TERRORIST!  Bill Clinton brought the guy into the Whitehouse and shook his hand for Heaven’s sake!  What is going on in America?  Does anybody believe there are bad guys out there anymore?  Or are we all just gonna hide our heads in the sand and pretend they’re just mixed up, misunderstood people who are “Born that way?”

I really hate to preach to deaf ears on this, but you gotta understand people, this world is filled with evil!  I’ve been saying this to folks for some time now.  The part about lawlessness increasing – you want to know how many cyberattacks occur each day on the Internet?  Figure it out.  I am one person.  Each and every day, I get dozens of phishing type emails in my inbox, and that doesn’t count the trojans, viruses, port scans, etc… going on constantly, as well as the number of servers out there that have already been compromised and so on.  I add those all up and come up with a number somewhere in the Billions of attacks – EACH DAY!  And my number may well be low!  There may be TRILLIONS of attacks occurring each day on the Internet!  I call that an EXPONENTIAL explosion of lawlessness happening right now under our very noses folks!

And I say again, the only reason I have any comfort and am able to stay sane in spite of all that is that the Bible predicted all this and told us it was going to happen.  The Good News (the Gospel) is that Jesus Christ has already won this war!  He has already beaten Satan, and our enemy is quickly running out of time.  Satan is desperately using everything he can to convince us that there is no such thing as Heaven or Hell, that they are fairy tales and lies.  In fact, our enemy is still using the same techniques he used in the Garden of Eden:  He’s telling folks they can be “Like God.”  The temptation that Adam and Eve succumbed to in the Garden was not simply eating a piece of fruit, it was the temptation to be “Independent” of God – to be masters of their own fate.

So, how’s that working out for you?  Is the “evidence” there to support that we are better now than we were 2,000 years ago?  Is life any different from how Jesus said it would be?  Do you really see men evolving and becoming more peaceful, less aggressive, even nicer?  Look at our own society for example, we see more kids retreating into a world of filth and violence we call “Video Games” and watching movies about Vampire cults and Warewolves.  Sickness.   Madness!  Death.

Wake up people!  Listen to the words of Jesus:  “I did not come to call the righteous, but the sick.”  That’s us.  Yes, I believe that the Jews have a special place, if they will see Him as Messiah, but that we gentiles can be grafted in as believers into the “Tree of Abraham.”  That’s what my Bible tells me, that I am now of the stock of Jewish believers, I am grafted in to the tree of those who are descended from the Patriarchs, and my place in Heaven is assured because of my faith in the Messiah, Jesus Christ, and His work of redemption on the Cross at Calvary.  Make no mistake about that, Jesus rose again three days after being killed on a cruel Roman instrument of punishment.  He earned His place at the right hand of His Father (God).

All else about Christianity aside, that one fact alone is enough to convince us that He is who He said He is.  Jesus is God.  All the rest of it comes when you can wrap your head around that.  Beyond that He said we must repent (turn around, change our minds) and turn away from our sins.  We must not lead lives that are dominated by sin, by those three lies I outlined at the start of this article.  If we buy into those lies, if we let them determine our belief system, then we are slaves to a world that is tending only in the wrong direction, towards Hell.


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