OWS – Seeks Ways to Extend Influence

What influence?  Are you kidding?


These people are pathetic.  While they may be upset, do they have any real right to ask for something they’ve not earned?  They’re insane if you ask me, ruining public parks to “Make a point.”  It’s disgusting the way they’ve carried on their activities, when you compare them against the legal assemblies held by Tea Party’s everywhere.  Rabbi Sacks (Chief Rabbi – Great Britain) predicted they would become violent and it’s just a matter of time before they degenerate even further than they already have if you ask me.  Although ruining parks is certainly a form of violence, call it environmental terrorism if you want.

I went to our local Tea Party meeting last night and met several wonderful people, who, like me, many are on hard times, finding simple ways to make money, to carry on the capitalist notions of free enterprise, whether on a small scale, or a growing scale.  Anybody with an idea is welcome!  We had at least 1/2 a dozen folks stand up and tout their new enterprises!

Then, I was most touched at the end when an 80 something year old man stood up and denounced the “Death Panels” of Obamacare.  If you don’t know what we’re talking about then you’ve spent too much time with your head in the sand.  We heard from another fellow last month who is a cancer survivor and got his cancer surgery through our system within 2 months of being diagnosed.  The same day he went in for surgery, he was there with a lady from Canada who said she had been waiting over 18 months for her surgery through the Canadian Healthcare System which is touted as the “successful” model for Obamacare!  She said she had finally come to the US to get her surgery because she was convinced she would be dead before her surgery would ever be scheduled!

The legal challenge on Obamacare has made it to the Supreme Court folks.  It’s time to write letters to everyone (Senators, Congressmen, legislators everywhere) and sign ACLJ petitions, FRC petitions, ADF petitions and anything else you can think of to get this mess repealed!  We must overturn Obamacare!  Lord Jesus – HELP US FIGHT THIS ATTACK FROM THE PROGRESSIVES who want to rule our lives with BIG GOVERNMENT!  It’s a mess and is designed to ruin our country if you ask me.


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