Freddie Mae and Freddie Mac Executives Still Get Large Pay Packages


Update 1: I just sent a copy of this to the Whitehouse.  You all can do the same.  Just go to and use the “Contact Us” feature on the main page.

I have said repeatedly, over and over, that you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to run these companies (do they qualify as a “Company” right now, or would we call them “Trusts?”).  The boobs in the “Gubment” are arguing (again) that “we must pay these folks big bucks as they are doing a good job in an untenable (and unsustainable!) position.”  Can you say “DUH!”

I will say again, you could pay me 6 figures, no, I’ll take that job for 7-figures please Alex (Trebeck).  The bailout of these firms has cost over $128B and there’s no way they’re ever going to be able to pay it back!  It’s GONE – just GONE!  Anybody on earth, with the possible exception of the folks in OWS, could take that money and run these firms into the ground.  Do you have any idea how much real estate they’re sitting on because they cannot put it up for sale for risk of “Flooding the markets with undervalued property” and further eroding prices for the rest of those folks out there who still own their homes?  Can you imagine this?

It’s outrageous, disgusting, and utterly unacceptable!  People!  We should be SCREAMING at our “Gubment” to let these folks go the way of the dinosaurs!  They were the “Experiment in public housing assistance that FAILED!”  That’s all they really are, a leg up for folks who otherwise couldn’t ever afford a house (or a mortgage of any form).  They gave freely to folks and caused a MELTDOWN in the housing markets and caused a meltdown to ensue in the consumer markets and precipitated possibly the largest financial meltdown in history!  Can you believe the nerve of them?  And our “Gubment” that continues to back them?



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