If You Do Not Stand For Something – You Will Fall For Anything

I was reading in Isaiah in my Bible this morning.  I read in Chapter 7, verse 9 where it says:  “…If you do not stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all.’”  My paraphrase of that is the title of this article, it’s something I say to folks all the time.  In other places the Bible speaks of whole societies being “Blown by the wind” and “Swayed easily” and so forth.  If you’re not firmly grounded in something in other words, then you’ll be blown around, knocked about by every fad, every disaster, every news event that comes along.  Facts are, you’ve become like sheep, subject to every latest “whim” “gossip” or craze that’s happening.

Me, of course, I prefer to be grounded in the Bible.  I try to “Stand firm” in my faith, not that I do it perfectly, like Paul, I must continue to seek the prize, run the race, constantly striving for the goal:  To be like Christ.  Fact is, I’ll never be perfect this side of Heaven, but it’s a worthy goal all the same.  The flip side of the coin is this:  Without Jesus, I am toast.  If I didn’t have Christ in my life, I’d likely be dead, or like my friend Joe, derelict, brain-damaged from drugs, no hope, no life, nothing.



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