Sexual Harassment – Herman Cain

ADDENDUM #2: Article today on “Human Events” by Ann Coulter:

ADDENDUM –  something that I would never expect from the “Media” is the following.  I would simply ask the woman who “came forward” yesterday whether or not Herman Cain kissed her before making any other overt sexual gestures.  The rest of it boils down to what is called in legal terms “He said/she said.”  Simply put, was there any other behavior leading up to what she “reports” as the sexual harassment.  Did he kiss her, and most especially, did she kiss back?  That makes all the difference in the world folks!  If that is the case, then she’s reporting only half the truth, and as anybody knows, a half truth is the same as a lie.  Period.  Bingo!


So now I hear there are 4 (four) accusers all stating that Herman Cain sexually harassed them in some form or other in the past.  The timing of it is all just a bit weird, eh?  Do you think that if he weren’t running for President that those ladies would have come forward?  Some of those claims go back to, well, over 10 years.  I doubt there is any kind of “Statute of Limitations” on crimes of a sexual nature, but maybe there is – I don’t know.  Still, the timing of it bothers me.  While it’s not right for anybody to sexually harass somebody, to use sexual “pressure” or whatever for any kind of gain, it is possible that intentions get misinterpreted and the whole thing gets blown out of proportion.  I’m just saying…

Not that it’s happened to me, it hasn’t, not anything sexual at least.  I ain’t claiming to be perfect or anything like that, but even when I was firmly into drugs and alcohol nearly 3 decades ago, I never sexually harassed another person.  You have to remember that all corporations and organizations have mandatory training on “Sensitivity” and such in order to be in compliance with Corporate laws of this type.  Today, we are subjected to a pretty large assault on “Stereotypes” and “Predators” who will use pressure on others to get sex.  The old “Quid pro quo” approach is now drummed into us such that we all understand it when we see it.  Back then, even as little as a decade ago, it was not uncommon for it to still be accepted practice.

The thing you have to remember most about it is that “Harassment” is only that if it is unwanted.  Now, the rules I was taught are that if you “Inadvertently” make a gesture that is deemed inappropriate by the receiving party, then that gesture must be clearly reported, either in person, anonymously, or otherwise, to the person, to authorities, to somebody.  Then, the behavior is dealt with and the warning will result in no other action.  In our modern workplace, behaviors that would be considered “Normal” are often mislabeled as harassment in order to justify the receiver’s “Hurt feelings.”  I’m not saying that Herman Cain went around hurting these women’s feelings, but could it really be harassment if he never even knew of the incidents (this latest one is pretty blatantly just a woman seeking the spotlight for personal gain, or to harm Herman Cain or both)?

I’m going to give Mr. Cain some leeway on these.  I’m going to note the fact that all these allegations come to light when his star is on the rise.  I’m going to note the fact that they are all “harassment” claims, which clearly means mostly they are just “hurt feelings.”  Therefore, I, for one, will state the Mr. Cain is still a decent fellow.  If he knew about any of these incidents in the past, like they were reported and dealt with at the time, then it is probably illegal for these women to press the issue now.  It was dealt with at the time, and there is no further recourse.  Period.  Unless of course, they are being paid to act on behalf of somebody else for the libeling of Herman Cain.  I mostly question the motives of the women involved in this is all I’m saying.  Why now?


2 thoughts on “Sexual Harassment – Herman Cain

  1. Yeah, how about that 13 year affair that ended in 2011? I know. Cain is a Christian, so it’s okay.

  2. It’s again, a case of “He said, she said.” She only has allegations, we have seen no proof. She has his phone number. Big deal. I have the phone number of the Whitehouse. Does that make me anything? Of course not! They worked together. She’s getting some pretty good bucks from somebody to accuse him, to slander him (most likely, at a minimum she’s getting her 15 minutes of fame). The timing again is the key. Where was this woman years ago? Why now? The only motive of these women, and the MSM is to slander and discredit Herman Cain.

    I have said nothing about his guilt or innocence because of course nobody can – if it truly is a case of “He said, she said.” Nobody can know! It’s irrelevant anyhow to the issue at hand. The Liberals are terrified of the GOP producing a good black candidate for the Presidency to run against their candidate – whose approval ratings have now gone through the floor – “HOORAY!” – folks are waking up!

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