Occupy – Revolutionaries?

I pose this question because I’ve read a lot about the “Occupy” movement lately, and none of it is good.  I don’t believe that people have “No alternative” any longer.  Even on MSNBC last night, the new show “Rock Center” said that there are places in the US that are hiring like it’s “Boom town.”  Granted that is all the way in North Dakota, for the most part anyhow, but at least one sector of the economy is booming.  Anybody who can get there can get hired it sounds like.  If these folks have sat around their entire lives, lived off the Government nickel and now find themselves unemployed and unskilled, whose fault is it really?  You’ve got to have skills man!

That’s what education is all about.  If you get out of High School and decide you don’t want to pursue a 4-year degree at a University, then you can always get a trade education.  Learn how to weld, learn how to drive a truck, a forklift, a loader, do something!  Become a nurse, a Medical Assistant, a Para-legal.  There are ads on TV all day long for lucrative new careers and opportunities.  Although I think that one of the traditional areas in our economy, Medicine is going to change drastically in the next few years if we don’t repeal Obamacare.

The scariest thing I’ve read lately about the Occupy movement is the call for a “General Strike” in Oakland.  This is NAZI tactics.  This means revolution pure and simple.  These folks are trying to use brute force to have their way.  Mob tactics are simply that:  Mobs.  They have mob mentality, and mob organization and mob violence.  You bet – you watch, all these protests will become violent in the end.  All of them.  I have no doubt.  They will try to keep these tactics up until the next election to put pressure on the election process.  I loved what I read on Ann Coulter’s blog:  Have you ever seen a “Conservative” riot?  *DOH!*

We laugh now, but it’s going to get worse.  Just watch.  The liberals are so scared they’ll lose the election and all their supposed “progress” from these past 3 years they’re going to pull out all the stops and try to hold a knife to all our throats.  They’re just getting started with their mob tactics too.  They’ve put pressure on city governments to “Dare us to leave!”  Did the Tea Party use mob tactics?  Hardly!  Every single Tea Party Rally held so far has purchased permits, gone the extra mile to stay within their Constitutional rights and limits towards free speech and peaceful demonstration.  There have been no, or at least very few mob incidents surrounding Tea Party events, and even then you can bet those were perpetrated by folks outside the Tea Party (extremists) in order to cast a bad light on the Tea Party.

Lord help us!  We must rally the conservatives together, starting here, right now, today!  We must stand up – united – rallying behind our King:  Jesus Christ.  He is our leader, the one we can trust.  The only one we can trust to lead us in this world.  If our leaders will humble themselves and follow you Lord, then we can rest in the truth and in your power over the darkness.  Help us Lord to fight sin and corruption wherever it is, even in our own hearts.  We freely confess we are not better than the rest of the world, but rather that we are saved and we strive to only follow you and carry out your will and build your Kingdom Jesus.  For your glory and your Name!


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