Happy Harvest Festival!

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Well you didn’t expect me to start out by saying “Happy Halloween” did you?  Just because it’s a semi-official holiday, perhaps even world-wide, doesn’t mean we have to go out and celebrate worshiping demons and satan does it?  Well, I for one won’t!  We Christians prefer to celebrate a “Harvest” festival because that’s what it really should be based on.  People for 1,000’s of years have idolized and worshiped fertility gods, and demons all in the name of so-called “Prosperity.”  We, rather I prefer to worship the source of all goodness and the creator of all around us.

How, in America, it all ever got mixed up and we started worshiping demons and such for some supposed “Holiday” is just beyond my comprehension.  And, then again, of course we now live in a very affluent area where parents are inclined to go overboard with their decorations and such.  The town here, Manhattan Beach, especially the walk streets, are just filled with dead bodies, grave yards, witches, black cats, and even angry birds hanging from trees.  What a mess.  I handed out some Gospel tracts today and told folks about the real reason for our celebrations.


3 thoughts on “Happy Harvest Festival!

  1. Just in case you’re interested, Hope Chapel Hermosa Beach is again this year, on Friday night 10/31/2014, having a Harvest Festival Party as we do every year. Last year we had record attendance, with over 800 children! This year, the numbers are expected to be record breaking again, plans are for 1,000 kiddies! Wow! It’s such a blessing to be able to provide this type of safe and fun activity for children and their parents on this night where literally all hell seems to break loose.

    • And yes, we are having our “Harvest Party” again this year, and it is shaping up to be the BIGGEST ever! Inflatables, Food Trucks, games, prizes, photo booth, a really BIG deal!

      It will run an hour earlier this year, from 5p – 8p. See you there!

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