Doing a “180”

We went down yesterday to the USC campus to hand out 2,000 copies of the new video: 180.  This new Award Winning documentary is based on the holocaust during WWII, but likens that to the holocaust we are experiencing today in our country where we have killed over 53M unborn babies through abortion.  Now, before I go any further with you, it is necessary that I tell you I once believed it was a woman’s “choice” and I helped a girlfriend once have an abortion as well.  Today, I realize that it is murder, and in fact, I am a murderer for my role in helping to kill my unborn child.  I cannot tell you the pain and anguish that has caused me since becoming a Christian, I have only Jesus healing on that wound in my heart to keep me from being completely overcome with grief and pain.

So, how did it go at USC you’re wondering?  Well, in short, it was amazing.  Sometimes Pastor Steve says that the security folks crackdown in a hurry, and force the operation to shut down.  It was very weird being right out there in the open in the quad area right by Tommy Trojan handing out pro-life videos while right across from us there were Planned Parenthood representatives gathering signatures for their “cause.”  Pastor Steve actually got pictures of the gals from Planned Parenthood – with their baby blue t-shirts and all – holding up 180Movie DVD’s over their faces!  Can you believe that?  I stopped and spoke with one of the young women who was there representing Planned Parenthood.  She was just a young student, and I could tell she probably didn’t really want to be there.  I explained to her how I had spent over 9 years (9 and 1/2!) on college campuses studying, and almost all of it prior to becoming a Christian.  In fact, I think you could say all my academic career was before I was Born Again.

Anyhow, I explained to her how I had been raised with “Dr. Spock” not knowing anything about Jesus or anything like that.   My parents, of course, they meant well, but it is what it is as I know today:  A life lived without God is a life without meaning, without purpose, and most of all, a life without value.  God says in Psalm 139: “I knew you before you were knit together in your mother’s womb.”  This forms the entire basis of my belief today that somehow, some way, God ordained my existence and knew me before I was even an egg in my mother’s body!  He created me to be who I am, knowing all my flaws, and my sin, especially that, but still He sent Jesus to die on the cross – for me!  I told the gal from Planned Parenthood that once I found the truth, I was done with all this worldly silliness about “Choice.”  It isn’t about a woman’s choice I told her, in reality it has nothing to do with that.  The holocaust teaches us that people can be made to “choose” against their will to do something they do not want to do.

Folks simply do not think it through!  When you stop to ponder that it is a life – a baby – and it is a person from even before conception, then you realize there is no possible way we could kill that unborn child and think it’s about a woman’s “rights!”  The young gal from Planned Parenthood told me she had been thinking about attending a Presbyterian Church, I invited her to Hope Chapel.  It was the right thing to do.  I told her that we respect her and her “right” to express her views, it’s not about whether we can be out there debating in the public square (obviously) so she patiently and quietly listened to what I had to say, with no protest whatsoever.

I pray for her, and for many like her.  I pray they will be awakened to hear God’s gentle voice telling them that we must stop the killing.  We have created a Holocaust, and yes, here I do mean Holocaust with a capital “H.”  I’m beginning to wonder if God can bless our nation any longer because we have killed so many, sacrificed them on the altar of “Choice,” of “Women’s Reproductive Rights.”  I pray Lord, for your forgiveness, not just for me, but for those who are brain-washed by “Authority” figures who tell them lies in order to get them to agree to murder.  Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do.  I did a 180 in my life.  I pray and know it can happen for so many others!  May you use me Lord to help others do a 180!


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