The End of a Perfect Day

So, the end of a “nearly” perfect day (NOT!).  Well, it actually started yesterday.  Cheryl and I really did have a wonderful afternoon after church up at Descanso Gardens.  We went up for what passes as “Fall Color” here in LA.  They have a very beautiful oak forest with camelias and all roses and all kinds of beautiful gardens, and water, and fish, and turtles!  It was just a gorgeous afternoon.  Then we got home, and had to deal again with the mess of a sewage spill in one of mom’s condos.  The initial cleanup is done, but now we hear it will take nearly a month to get in and rebuild the kitchen.  That’s horrible!  I can’t even imagine what the tenants are going through.

Cheryl and I already went through this with our condo two years ago.  Deja vu?

But then, our dog Murphy decides he’s going neurotic and tore the garden up, enough so mom commented on it.  He made a mess.  He’s got fleas and been itching so bad his skin is all messed up.  Then, to top it all off, he peed all over his kennel.  He was peeing in the bathroom for a while, and we thought that was done.  Well, now we’re done with him.  Some dogs move, and others don’t I guess.  We can’t have a dog messing up our lives right now, and, it’s unfortunate, but people have to come first.  Cheryl and I took turns being exasperated with him, and we’re just done.  We can’t have a dog ruining our lives right now.

But that’s not the end!  My project went south today, at least mostly.  So much so that the customer was ready to throw in the towel.  Gads – I’ve done 300 hours work for … nothing?  Again?  It’s more than enough to do most folks in I guess.  These things are not under my control, I am capable and committed to doing my project, finishing it and seeing it work!  I’m going to work hard to finish it!

But, and this is the kicker:  My hotmail account was hijacked – again!  This is the 3rd time!  I’m just about done with Hotmail.  I changed my password already – again.  I don’t know how I’m gonna go about writing apologies again to all the folks on my contact list.  It “appears” as if they just break in and steal the contact list and send out bogus emails from elsewhere somehow, because there is nothing in my “sent” box, and all the emails say is that I’m the return address.  That can be spoofed if you know what you’re doing, but the fact they can break into my contacts list is really depressing and distressing.

So, like I said, the end of a nearly perfect day – NOT!

I’m so tired… Jesus help me.  It’s Your strength that will get us through, not mine.  Without You, I am TOAST Lord!


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