Not A Post In Sight!

Goodness I’ve been busy lately, too busy to sit down and post anything.  Once you start posting you think everything that happens that is interesting is worth writing about, I just have not had time!  I’ve had my head down working on an iPhone application.  I’ve been learning iPhone development, the ins and outs, and learning Objective-C at the same time pretty much.  C and C++ are great languages, but I had forgotten all the pitfalls of having to manage your own memory.  The latest version of Objective-C that I am using has a lot of “Auto-release” support builtin that is both a blessing and a curse.  It’s a blessing if you want it, and you need to discard things on the stack (locally scoped data) but it’s a curse if you gotta pass stuff around (like returning results from a method call).  Then, it becomes another piece of stuff you have to remember to manage.

That’s all very technical and I’m sure most folks could care less, it’s just what I’ve been doing lately is all.  We’re living on very little money right now, we have no “regular” income at this time, and we gave up on Unemployment over 6 months ago.  Unemployment is really a curse.  They get you dependent on the government for your existence, and you quickly lose hope.  There were no jobs in Denver, there still aren’t.  At least here I was given an opportunity to write an iPhone app for a friend’s business.  It’s a pretty amazing opportunity actually.  It beats the heck out of unemployment because not only do I get to work, I have to work hard to make sure I earn my keep – doing this app!  I’d much rather work hard and earn my way in life than get a handout – even if I have to survive.  Unemployment actually pays you – not to work!  That’s what it boils down to, and that’s why folks lose hope when surviving on it after such a short time.

Anyhow, we won’t actually show much income by year’s end, but it’s good to be doing something!  We’re very grateful and thankful that Jesus is watching over us and confirming our move to LA to move in with Ma and take care of her.  She just turned 84 last month, we went to the Doctor today to see how she’s doing and all is well.  That’s no guarantee of course, but we’ll take it!  She’s glad we’re here, and we’re glad to have the opportunity as well to take care of her and fulfill our commitment not just to sanctity of life – but to quality of life as well.  She is thankful we’re here, eating meals together, going out together, doing little things together, it’s a joy!

Thank you Jesus for caring about all the little things!


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