Mom Turns 84!

Hey – what a day!  It started out cool and cloudy here at the beach.  Par for the course this year, I assure you.  Cheryl was cold enough I had to light the pilot on the heater and turn it on.  Then, she and mom sat and ate breakfast and warmed up.  10 minutes later Cheryl was having hot flashes, naturally.  But, it’s a great day – mom turns 84!  That’s a long time to be on this earth.  She was talking about the house she grew up in with her folks in Hollywood.  She lived with her grandmother, her mom and dad, downstairs, and upstairs was her grandfather (BB Henshey) and his two sisters.  This was during the height of the depression, not much different from now, eh?

I told her I had been in touch this past week with a member of the Henshey family from back east.  Samuel Henshey is gathering information on the entire Henshey family, and between the two of us we figured out who BB is, where he came from and how he was related to Harry Henshey (they were cousins) who started Henshey’s Department Store in Santa Monica.   Harry was also Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce in Santa Monica – in 1932!  I heard from another relative (her Uncle Howard’s grand-daughter) this past year who found my mother on the internet because of the old pictures I posted of my mother’s family.

You know, it really is part of our nature to want to know who we are, where we came from and so on.  I now know that mom’s family name came from a Swiss name (not Dutch as we had always been told) and that there is still a large Henshey family back east in Pennsylvania and around that area.

So, Happy Birthday Mom!



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