Sex, lies and video tapes

So, a guy who is in the “Porn” industry here in LA tests positive for HIV and everybody acts “Shocked!”  Can you believe that?  What are they … scared they might have gotten it from him or from watching one of his videos or what?  Are they worried about the 100’s of women he had sex with or what?  Gads, what a bunch of buffoons.

Then, Michelle Bachmann goes out there and starts speaking for “God” and tells everyone that the earthquake in VA last week and the hurricane are “Signs from God that we need a balanced budget.”  Then later she rescinded it and said it was a joke.  She’s the joke in my opinion.  Some conservative she is, a nut case is what I call her now.  She’s quickly becoming “Unelectable.”  No “Right thinking” born again believer would ever presume to speak for God.  Period.  We wouldn’t even joke about it.

Then, there’s this guy who puts up some amateur video of the US Ambassador getting attacked, and it makes it to YouTube.  Great, what in the heck was the US Ambassador doing out there “protesting” the Syrian government to begin with?  He can’t take an active role in any demonstrations, and yet he’s clearly LEADING the parade!  Gads, what a fool!  I’m surprised the Syrians let him stay there.  If this is the way our administration is having our state department officials carry out foreign policy, then we need to seriously consider what’s going on in our country folks.

Then there’s Lady Gaga.  Don’t even get me started…  I just want to throw up…


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