Lighten Up!

Folks – it’s plain, the system is broke.  Who broke it?  Us.  We demanded candidates and folks who would “Speak nice things to us.”  We said we didn’t care as long as they said nothing bad about us.  We love to have our ears tickled.  We demand it of the News: you cannot watch “The News” media without feeling a sense of amazement at the person sitting behind the desk smiling as they announce that 49 people were killed in a terrorist bombing in Nigeria or some such.  We are supposed to be outraged at the news, not happy the person delivering it to us can smile while they’re doing it.

So, what I find online is sometimes the opposite.  All this pent up rage and discontent takes place in the form of violent arguments between folks, who if they were in the same room, would likely shake hands and call one another “friend.”  I just find it odd there is this huge incongruity in human behavior.   What have we come down to?  We let the media and the politicians be all smiles and “nice” to us, and we think they are some sort of “Super humans” who can tell us all kinds of wonderful things and so on, and yet when it comes to each other we attack as if we were rabid snarling dogs.  I tell you, I see it happening in nearly every “discussion” of a news event online lately.  Eventually, it devolves into a scrap between the … I don’t even know how to tell one side from another anymore, they both use such vicious and reviling language at one another.

In a society where there is no God, it always boils down to “Says WHO?”  In other words, those who back their arguments up with the most violence will always win.  Consider a historical example: Take the fascists for example.  Hitler’s and Mussolini’s thugs backed up their every play with violence, absolutely and completely crushing any sort of dissent in the masses.  Stalin carried out his regime with similar measures, and so did the communists in China.  Is this what we have now?  Could be.  Could be.  It’s so very hard to tell.  We have certainly got to keep asking ourselves if our leaders, the media are taking us in the “right” direction.  Has society risen and is it striving towards something “higher” than itself?  Is it seeking to get better?  Or, is it seeking to use violence to perpetrate the desired goals of the few at the sacrifice of the needs and wants – and freedom and rights – of the many?

Do we have an “Elitist” crowd in this country seeking to run everything for their own gain?  I read some years back, and I was astounded by this,  a statistic on the web site belonging to Patch Adams (The Gesundheit Institute) stating that the “The richest 400 “Americans” have more wealth than the poorest 150 million Americans when is enough, enough?”  I don’t think that was exactly the same quote I found originally on Patch’s web site (I found that on Yahoo, and I also read it in an article somewhere recently), I can’t bring up the Gesundheit Institute currently, the site is down.  But here’s something Patch did say:

“Adams has criticized the film made about him, saying it sacrificed a lot of his message in order to make a movie that would sell. He said that out of all aspects of his life and activism, the film portrayed him merely as a funny doctor.  Patch Adams also said of Robin Williams in an interview, “He made 21 million dollars for four months of pretending to be me, in a very simplistic version, and did not give $10 to my free hospital. Patch Adams, the person, would have, if I had Robin’s money, given all 21 million dollars to a free hospital in a country where 80 million cannot get care” (found that on Wikipedia, a somewhat “dubious” source, but probably accurate in this case).

Pretty astounding, eh?  And we hold these “Clowns” (our leaders _and_ the media and others, notably actors and such) up to be some sort of demi-gods because they are so wildly popular.  We let popular culture dictate our attitudes and our beliefs.  We never question what they tell us because they certainly wouldn’t lead us astray now would they?  Besides, they tell us such nice things about ourselves.  There are so many who trust the clowns in Washington to get the job done, when all they do is take care of themselves first.  Don’t believe me?  How much time has our President spent campaigning since getting into office?  More than any other president before him that’s how much!  That’s why I always call him “Campaigner in Chief!”

Now, how do we “Lighten up” and take care of this?  First, wake up!  Second, look around and see how you, an average person, can get involved in what’s going on in your community.  America is a series of small communities, not some “Big Brother” organization taking care of the “Little folk.”  We need to care about one another.  Go to church, serve, get into ministry, help out someone less fortunate than yourself and pretty soon your problems don’t seem so big.  We can take America back, and give it to the people (us) who should have had it all along.  The folks in Washington didn’t steal our power, we gave it to them!










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