Dancing With the Devil


Pastor Wes at my old church (Living Tower Church, Aurora, CO) always used to say:  “Be careful when you dance with the devil, he always leads.”  The meaning was clear to us who are saved that you mustn’t ever trifle with sin in your life.  Sin will take you further than you want to go and keep you there far longer than you want to be there.

So, I was reading yesterday and started to find hints of what GE has been up to (General Electric).  GE is one of the largest corporations in America, traditionally a leader in technology as well as leadership development.  In the days when I went to business school, there were numerous case studies using Jack Welch and his leadership principles at GE.  Today, that company is run by a guy named Jeffery Immelt.  President Obama has taken and appointed this fellow to head the National Employment Task Force (or something like that, the name is not really important).  Putting folks back to work in this country is a very important item for everyone – including me.

So, I was a bit concerned when President Obama appointed this guy to the task force on employment because his track record shows that he’s never created any jobs at GE, rather he has down-sized domestic operations in the US and exported jobs abroad.  Now, I read that GE is making deals with the Chinese to produce avionics (high tech stuff and critical to our defense industry by the way!) for their aircraft industry.  WHAT THE HECK?


Read the Washington Post article


That should give you the chills – at least if you have any common sense!  The Chinese will begin cloning that technology in NO TIME.  The Chinese have no principles, they do not follow “The rule of law” as other countries do.  Take, e.g., Apple and their experience in China.  How many “unauthorized” Apple stores are there in China, and just what is it they are selling (unauthorized iPhones)?

There are a ton of other articles where it is reported that (somehow) GE’s deals with the Chinese will “safeguard jobs in the US.”  This is FANTASY!  It’s LUNACY!  It’s IDIOTIC!


Here’s an article that says GE is “Arming China to compete with Boeing!”


I am just really upset about it and I hope I sound like it.  This is just completely unbelievable, and I think that Mr. Immelt should be fired over this and President Obama impeached!  Imagine the nerve of these guys – taking America apart piece by piece and selling it to the Chinese!  I really don’t care if they want to “Dance with the devil” but I do care that they are exporting jobs, technology, American “Know how” and so on to another country that has no interest in our country whatsoever except to drain every drop of wealth that they can and then charge us interest on our Government bonds.



One thought on “Dancing With the Devil

  1. One of my pals at Hope Chapel reminded me of another saying by John Owen:

    “…be killing sin or it will be killing you.”

    It’s just another of those pithy sayings that have so much meaning for us Christians. We dare not ever forget that sin in our lives is not to be tolerated! We must constantly be guarding our hearts to keep weeding out any foothold or toehold of the enemy!

    The full quote can be found below:


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