Gold Hits $1,900/oz

Another record!  And silver is approaching $44/oz!  That just blows my mind.  People continue to freak out about the unrest in the Middle East, the failing US and European economies, the failed policies of a third-rate President, NASA says aliens should come kill us all, we deserve it.

Are we doomed?  Hardly.  Folks, get a grip.  Try to realize that the primary reason gold is on a tear is because somebody wants to drain the wealth from our country.  They are trying to break us, since they cannot do it overtly, they’re trying now with all their spare cash they’re trying to get everything of value out of this country and break us!  Yep – who has the cash?  The Chinese?  Yes, sure.  The Arabs?  Yep, you bet.  Those folks still have plenty of cash.  It’s just as T.Boone Pickens predicted, our addiction to oil will one day ruin this country.

Now the EPA is trying to over-regulate Coal fired Energy Plants and is going to shut a bunch of them down in the next 18 months.  What else do we have?  Nothing.  All of our talent and innovation and genius, squat.  But again, I ask you – are we doomed?

We may be down, but we’re not out.  There is a group in this country fighting for freedom from Big Government.  There is a group who advocates lower taxes to stimulate our economy, to help us to break free of the bonds of slavery the current administration would tie us up in.  There is also a Savior who died for us 2,000 years ago who tells us that in this world we will have pain, but in the next we will be free from all of this misery!

Are the two ideas so far apart?  Not really.  Humans left to themselves will tear each other apart.  In the Cosmic struggle that humans engage in to determine who’s “Right?” The stronger will always dominate the weaker.  Darwin calls that “Survival of the fittest.”  He’s right on that score.  That doesn’t prove evolution right, however, because that is not one species becoming another.  Rather it just says that the bullies will always win, the strong will eat the weak, and the genetic material of those adapted best to their environment will be passed on.

Jesus, on the other hand, says that all men are inherently evil.  We all sin.  Sin, the very nature of sin is rebellion against God.  We all want to do our own thing without needing to answer to somebody “In higher authority.”  But, God is real, and He’s not going to be patient with us forever.  If we blow ourselves to bits, the Bible said it would be so.  If, God comes back and ends it all by rapturing  the faithful and then punishing those left behind, then the Bible said it would be so.  It doesn’t matter which way it happens.  Human nature is human nature, men won’t change, and neither does God!

In the days of Noah, and in the time of Lot, people were eating and drinking, and marrying and having babies right up until the flood, and in the case of Sodom and Gomorrah, the fire from heaven.  Will it be like that this time?  God said He wouldn’t flood us again.  However, everything else is left on the table including us blowing ourselves to bits.  The “Doomsday Clock” has been a few minutes from midnight for the past 40 years or so.  Science hasn’t been able to figure any way out for us since we discovered how to annihilate ourselves.  Personally, growing up in this generation has made me somewhat cynical myself.  I try to be positive, being a believing Christian and all, but in general, I don’t hold out much hope for us.

My only desire is to pass Jesus’ message of hope and salvation on to as many of those as I can in whatever time we have left.


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